Indrani Sinha’s New Novel ‘Renee’s Triumph’ Subtly Explores Tussle between Love and Duty

Indrani Sinha is a prolific author when it comes to expressing the womanhood of a growing girl or a matured married lady. Her previous novel, Renee’s Treasure, was a brilliant piece of literature based on a young girl named Renee. Now the sequel Renee’s Triumphpublished by Leadstart – is another mind blowing work focused on an adult girl who is moving from a young age to the mature phase of family and its allied responsibilities. However, in both the novels, the author has profoundly scrutinized the issues of social insecurity and self-contentment that a woman or girl is bound to have her in life.

The novel is enticing because it is set in the 70s and 80s when growing up was a charming phenomena. The novel is back staged mainly against Calcutta and in between Banaras. Renee hails from a railway family. She grows around railway stations and lives in the same fraternity. She often goes to a club while she is traversing through the malleable phase of adolescence. She is insecure about her life and marriage and other things. She has two men in her mind for settling down: Rajdeep and Kunal. She chooses Rajdeep and her life changes forever. She witnesses the lovely phase of motherhood but gets in the clutches of selfish and dominant in-laws. Clearly, her insecurities take over her. Silently, she is unhappy but carries the family responsibilities.

Even Kunal is settled with his family and kids. However, whenever they both come face to face – they feel pangs of hidden love for each other. But now in their love lies the duties towards the families. Thus, Kunal decides to move on to a new city to salvage both families from trouble. The novel explores the basic (say ignored) nuances of a woman when she is part of some family in various roles. The novel is not a piece of feminism but it reads like a wonderful story about a brave woman called Renee. Brilliantly written and highly recommended.

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About the Author:

Indrani Sinha is a homemaker, who writes in her spare time. She has taught in the primary section of various schools in different cities. She loves reading, cooking and listening to old Hindi songs. She enjoys going for long nature walks and likes to travel and see new places.

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