Cocktail by Antara Sarkar Offers Rethinking, Inspiration, and Healing

Published by Leadstart Publishing, Cocktail by Antara Sarkar is truly an inspirational and eye-opener sort of work. The book is not a novel, it rather provides coverage on four different characters lives. It is a collection of four long stories. The book is divided extensively into four parts and each part delves deep into the psychic and idiosyncrasies of the lead character of the story. For instance, Warmth of the Lap features the story of Sanchita. She is a typical lazy and homely girl when staying with her parents in Kolkata. However, as soon as, she moves to the college and then in a job in Bangalore, the reality of the outer world begins biting her. She goes through heartbreaks and a strange sense of discontentment troubles her. Her story concerns the voice of many who are out of their home and far from native place for the sake of money and career, but they all long for old days. How life could be such an unsettling affair is perfectly portrayed in this story.

As one keeps reading the short chapters about each character and their tussle in life, one can sigh in appreciation for the author’s wordsmithing. The author presented her stories as she is providing an interesting commentary on life and its daily rites.

The book opens up deep arrays for its readers and nudges them for cogitation. However, the narration is superbly engaging and lucid, the book reels back and forth with realizations that one can have in life from time and again. The book deserves a wider purview of attention and a much wider reader base. There could be many brilliant stories on life but this is another beautiful work to the shelves. The book takes on a ride and makes us realize that the reality of life is not all about sunshine. One has to deal with all types of phases, be it rain or shine. Life is not a cozy thing. Better one get up and keep fighting and remain prepared for unpredictable and tough times. Those who have read this book must be in awe of it.

The book is simply mesmerizing – it’s so powerful that at one moment it inspires, and next it heals. The scale of the book is relatively high.

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About the Author:

Antara Sarkar is a dynamic person with a vision of a beautiful society, where people courageously follow their dreams, are supportive towards a common goal and respect human values. She hails from Siliguri, a small town along the foothills of Darjeeling. Her father, Amit Sarkar, is a retired service holder in BSNL while her mother, Rina Sarkar is a homemaker. She studied civil engineering from NIT Durgapur; she is a structural engineer by profession and a writer by passion. She lives in Delhi. This literary work is her first published work, with the purpose to inspire people to listen to their hearts and not the noise that drowns it out. 

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