The Tonic by Mayur Sarfare is a Fiction beyond Ordinary Realms

The Tonic by Mayur Sarfare is a story of two unlikely young people that are socially secluded and psychologically disturbed. Published by Leadstart, this novel is entirely fictional with a very powerful storyline. The novel is all the more poignant as it covers the dreadful riots of 1992 of India. Its two main characters hail from different religions but get crushed under the riots in different ways. However, many years down the line, they are weaved again by the circumstances of life to fight one man who has mega plans for those who believe in god. That man is one gem of a character in the novel – though he is a villain. He is an atheist named: Reymerg.

Two main protagonists in the novel are Raem and Masher. Society has difficulty accepting them. Raem is of another descent, may be foreign. And Masher stammers and much more – he got speech disorder. Well, the climax of the novel changes when they both got hold of a mysterious chocolate that works wonders for him. After consuming it, they are changed forever. They do what others cannot even think of. The author very subtly referred that chocolate as a tonic.

With handful of characters, the novel alternates between 1992 and 2017. The story never seems off the track and whether it is past or current, every scene counts for its authenticity and vivid imagination. One of the major themes in the novel is religion. The villain is an atheist and these two characters are believers of gods, so when they all cross one another thrilling action was bound to happen. However, the author kept the religious theme running and alive without offending anyone’s sentiments. It is a perfectly balanced novel with some great intensity and action.

Following the tumultuous journey of Raem and Masher is another roller coaster ride, packed with religion, friendship, discrimination, love, emotions, and power. The author has used powerful words to describe the circumstances as they should be. Overall, it is a thrilling read with something new to offer.

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About the Author:

Mayur Sudhakar Sarfare, aged 30, is an Indian author. He is a Professor of Mass Media with a keen interest in creative writing. His range of subjects includes Understanding Cinema, Content Writing and Media laws. He teaches at Usha Pravin Gandhi College of Arts, Science and Commerce in Mumbai. He began his career in Public Relations at India’s largest independent PR machinery – Adfactors PR, but a love for media subjects and cinema drove him towards academics. However, the childhood passion for writing continued blossoming, finally fuelling the idea for his first novel.

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