The Snowman of Nalanda by Roshan Singh is an Enthralling Read with Great Message to Mankind

Published by Leadstart, the Snowman of Nalanda by Roshan Singh is a different yet interesting book. The book sounds partially fictional, and at times looks a good research on earth and its nature.

On the fictional façade, the main protagonist in the story is Bidyasagar. He was a dacoit before turning into a poet and an Ayurveda physician. One fateful day, due to some wrong information, he murders one innocent monk in the greed of getting gold. That changes everything for him. As he opens the bag, he rather finds books and poems. Once he reads them, he is affected by the teachings of Siddhartha, the famous Budha. Leaving all work of killing and misery, he tries to get admission in the world famous monastery Nalanda. But his entry is denied. He has to go back and come prepared and as an erudite person. Will he be able to do that?

Other than the coverage on Bidyasagar, the author also takes stance on mysterious mountain man called Yeti and its effect on nature. How nature affects human life and what the human race is doing to nature in return, is captured brilliantly in the book.

With the kind of topics covered in the book, it looks as the author blended fiction and non-fiction together. The piece on snowman is enthralling and how the lead character Bidyasagar understands Yeti and how he is associated with the deterioration of the Nalanda monastery.

It’s a powerful book with some good message to the mankind. The author has used simple and effective language to convey the connecting stories as well as topics that humans tend to ignore often.

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About the Author:

Roshan lives in Jharkhand. He has done his schooling from Sainik School, Nalanda, and graduation from Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Hyderabad. He is also a poet, has written a book named 100 titleless poems. This is his first novel. He loves travelling to distant places on his motorcycle.

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