The Management Jukebox by Debabrata Satpathy is an Informative Management Fiction

Published by Leadstart, the Management Jukebox by Debabrata Satpathy is a useful book for students, consulting firms, IT and its allied sectors, corporate houses, and many more. The book is a management fiction – it highlights the importance of SAP and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) through the human voices. On the façade, it may look as a management book with technical premises, but its narration is not only lucid but also superbly engaged. The author has been working in the SAP field since a long and the book spiraled from his own experience. 

A close look reveals that the story is staged against the backdrop of SAP, evolution of SAP, and how it helps in providing solid business solutions. The book also sheds light on the myths pertaining to SAP and much more.

The author asserts that the most important part of SAP implementation is planning. Thus, for the same, using simple language, are provided a few simple questions to be answered for better clarity.

The main objective of the book is to help a larger base of readers associated directly or indirectly with IT and business landscape. For instance, top management of any organization will get guidance as how to stand by the project. And the professionals pursuing a career in ERP or SAP and students will get the right set of guidance and approach. They will understand the indispensible role of planning and preparedness.

Anyone wants to have deeper and immaculate knowledge about SAP and ERP can definitely pick up this book. Supported by easy-to-understand language, the book is a fountain of knowledge in SAP and ERP field. Indeed a useful book for many professionals and aspirants gearing up for SAP.

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About the Author:

Debabrata Satpathy is a writer by passion, a Chartered Accountant by education and a leader by profession. He thrives to write about complex issues through interesting stories. He is a natural storyteller. The Management Jukebox is his debut book. Through his professional career, he has handled various assignments in the area of Finance and Management. He is a thought leader and considers himself very fortunate to manage high performing teams. He is madly enthusiastic about the fields of Automation, Enterprise Resource Planning and Artificial Intelligence, and consistently works towards practical use of those concepts in his professional arena. He is also passionate about mythology and history. Human Resource, being his area of interest, he also possesses a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management. He is forty-two years young and lives in Gurgaon, India, with his wonderful wife Recoreena and son Arnav.

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