The Novel Daredevil Dreams by Karthick Hemabushanam is a Scary and Dark Treat for Strange Ghost Story Lovers

Published by Leadstart, Daredevil Dreams by Karthick Hemabushanam is a splendid yet intriguing paranormal cum ghost story. The premises of the novel is unconventional, it is more about the power of time transportation. Though it is an Indian story of a 10-year-old boy named Arjun, many would believe as it is set in somewhere like in a Hollywood movie. The author has credibly painted the ghost and the boy scenes of which one cannot deny the authenticity. From that gothic to ruined mansions, this novel of a ghost is actually set in contemporary time in Chennai, India.

In the story line, one would meet the ghost Patrick and the boy (also the protagonist) Arjun, he is a different school-going boy, more into computer games. One fateful day, he is accosted by a ghost called Patrick who takes him inside the computer through some dark power of time transportation. The boy is, then, pulled to scenes of crimes and murders in the city. Next, the boy when tells the secret to his parents and somehow to the police, his life is changed forever. The police confirm the veracity of the boy’s account of crimes. However, the ghost Patrick doesn’t like this and he begins threatening Arjun for his life.

What next? How will the boy tackle this situation? Will he befriend Patrick or someone else comes to his rescue. It is one of the best ghost novels written by any Indian author recently. The storyline blends fun and thrill in that exact matter and this makes this book unputdownable. For ghost and paranormal book lovers, this book is indeed a strange treat and they will remember the story for a long time or may they try to pass it on to next generation as many do with Ruskin Bond’s ghost stories.

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About the Author:

Karthick Hemabushanam is a software engineer by profession, but fell in love with writing. He did his Bachelor of Engineering and worked with many reputed companies like Larsen and Toubro Technology Services, HCL Technologies Ltd, and now currently working with Visteon technical and services center. He is based in Chennai and living with his wife and two kids. He was nominated as the Author of the Year, 2018 by StoryMirror for his contribution to the Writing World.

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