Press Release – One & Done by Veronica D’Souza that Fosters Happy Family is now an Amazon Bestseller

Published by BookMedia, Veronica D’Souza’s debut book One & Done has been trending as an Amazon Bestseller since its release in categories like Psychology, Philosophy, and Sociology. The main highlight of the book is creating happy family with only one child. The book is a fantastic book for new couples or people across the world who have taken backseat in family planning due to pandemic Covid-19.

Written in simple language, filled with stats and facts from around the world – the book is well presented into 10 useful chapters other than interviews and other reasons. Happy family with one child is not a myth anymore. In fact, around the world people are opting for this sort of family planning and they want to devote more time and focus on one child otherwise that is not possible with more children.

The idea may sound absurd or strange or insecure, but there are a plenty of reasons to raise one child happily. One must read this book for all inside facts and insights. For family and parents, this book is not only great but also new from a different angle. From fears to spirituality to happiness – all has been covered in this book with respect to one child. Thus, the title of the book is apt: One & Done.

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About the Author:

Veronica grew up in Mumbai, India holds a decade long experience in marketing and sales, a homepreneur managing a food business, writes early in the morning, and spends the rest of the day managing her business. She loves spending a lot of time with her Retriever Jazz and writes inspirational stories @

One & Done is her first book. Her mission is to help couples see a broader perspective as single-child parents.

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