Press Release – Pratham Chakravarti Samrat Pushyamitra is a Riveting Historical Novel by Prabhat Kumar Jha

Published by BookMedia, Prabhat Kumar Jha’s debut Hindi novel – Pratham Chakravarti Samrat – is a riveting historical fiction. The book is about Pushyamitra Sunga, the great emperor of India, who protected India from the political, social and cultural collapse of the Mauryan Empire after Emperor Ashoka. This great emperor established a powerful dynasty and freed India from foreign invaders like Greek.

Pusyamitra Sung re-established the reputation of Sanatan Dharma by protecting him from the growing hypocrisy in Buddhism and the consequent malaise on Sanatan Dharma. After the deities, the first Ashwamedha Yajna was conducted by this great Brahmin emperor. Due to which he was given the title of first Chakravarti Emperor. Many Vedic texts were composed during the time of this great emperor. It was the time of Pushyamitra Sunga when many religious literature including Puranas, Ramayana and Mahabharata were composed. It is said that the installation of idols of gods and goddesses in temples was started only during Pushyamitra Sunga. Many religious acts including the procession of Shobhayatra on Mahashivratri, bathing the Ganges on Kartik Purnima, and donation were started during his period.

It was possible that if this great Brahmin had not been the emperor, the eternal religion of India would have lost its identity.

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About the Author:

Prabhat Kumar Jha was born in Bihar but now lives in Katni, MP, where he is serving the Indian Railways. This is his first book, which is purely built on research and facts and imagination. He believes in the power of family values and he draws his inspiration from his parents. Currently, he is working on second Hindi book.

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