Press Release – Truce by Risha Chaurasia is a Riveting Novel Highlighting the Importance of Friendship and Self-discovery among Teenagers

Published by BookMedia, Truce is a Teen & Young novel by the teenage author Risha Chaurasia. This is her second novel. In accordance with the title ‘Truce’, the story features five protagonists Tiya, Ron, Udit, Cayra, and Edi. The book brings forward their life and up & down phases. Each teenager is different in aura and attitude, each one has its own challenges and feats. Despite many privileges, they are lonely and in need of true friends. The author did not mess up the story. The narration and language is easy to grasp and follow. Risha, very wisely, first introduces each character and then what makes them aloof and lonely in life.

After some initial chapters when they all form a bond or get connected owing to various reasons, the novel chugs ahead at a thrilling pace. The novel is not only about casual romance and fun events that often occur in teenage but it also balances well with tragic moments…for instance of Udit…the unbeatable.

These guys come together and the way they help each other makes an impressive positive ambience in the storyline. Also, the novel brims with self-discovery at this tender age. In all senses, the book suggests if one chooses right people at the right time, life brings good results and of course overall positivity. Risha has perfectly stitched the story with many prominent characters at hand. The story moves at a measured pace with clarity in thoughts and action.

The book is available at all leading online and offline bookstores like Amazon, Kindle, Kobo, Flipkart, and BookMedia website.

About the Author:

Risha Chaurasia is an Indian teen author and blogger. She wrote her first book “Tales of Twinkling Tweens” at the age of 11 which revolved around the life of a tween and the turbulent issues surrounding them. The book was applauded and appreciated by her readers. Since then she has evolved as a teen author writing fiction for teens and young adult. She’s a voracious reader, explorer and activist running a blog on Instagram called Straight From My Pen.

13 Replies to “Press Release – Truce by Risha Chaurasia is a Riveting Novel Highlighting the Importance of Friendship and Self-discovery among Teenagers”

  1. Love the book! The story is truly gripping and the pages simply turn themselves! A definite recommend to all readers!

  2. A must read book… For all ages specially for teenagers because the story of this book is truly amazing…

  3. This is an amazing book from a writer I’ve known personally, if she is such a great person I can’t even believe what level the book will be I hope all youngsters read it and enjoy it it’s a must must read

  4. Congratulations on your well-deserved success. Congratulations on your brilliant success and for the extraordinary work you have done! You deserve the success and many more to come…💗💗

  5. This book is a roller coaster ride !!! With many ups and down, a must read book for every age bar .👍👍

  6. You discovered the secret to success by working extra hard and finally turning your dreams to reality. Congratulations for your success!💓

  7. Congratulations dear 👍so happy for ur success 🎉
    And proud of your hard work and achievement🎉🎉

  8. This is a beautiful book from a really talented young writing.I think It’s a must read for every teen. Congratulations 🥳👏🏻🎊

  9. A thought provoking book, very well articulated . Each chapter excites you to read another one. Gripping story & you get engaged to characters of the book, specially Udit.
    Not for a single moment it felt like book is written by a teenage girl. Excellent articulation & building of characters.
    Strongly recommend to book lovers of all age. You can’t miss this.

  10. Hey,
    I just finished reading Truce, it gets you to connect with your teenage moments and a way to cherish them. It’s a must read to know how to deal with your problems and cope up especially when you are going through something or at a certain stage in your life. Risha your work is commendable being so young your writing has got a next level maturity.

    Kudos to you and All the best.


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