Footsteps in Time by Archana Pathak is a Pulse-Pounding Romance Mystery Thriller

Published by Leadstart, Footsteps in Time by Archana Pathak is a multi-layered riveting novel that blends romance and suspense thriller into one. Running over 300 pages with about 30+ short chapters, the novel is a perfect read those who enjoy unfolding of events from a distance and keep themselves hooked till the light is shed of the last line suspense.

The story is about a family lineage with a complicated façade. The story is led by Aparna – a working psychiatrist in the UK. Despite a failed marriage, she is happy with her career and life in the UK until she is confronted by a postal letter from India. Readers might feel some undercurrent feministic streaks in the novel but all is well as the novel has a powerful female protagonist in the form of Aparna. The story begins really well when Aparna lands in India after receiving that letter from her mother, who resides in Lucknow, India.

Aparna’s mother being broken by the senile attack, she decides to sell her ancestral Haveli in the village of North India. Aparna’s presence is indispensable as she being the only child of the family. The novel is 300 pages, but the momentum of intensity and pace is so measured that readers hardly felt the heat of it being a thick novel. Kudos to author’s lucid narration and superb narration skills! As the procedure to sell Haveli kicks off, Aparna is confounded by queer feelings that are associated with the place. Her life takes an unexpected turn and at one time she feels like in love with Anand, the prospective buyer of Haveli. As the story chugs ahead, a lot about family lineage, secrets, unfulfilled promises begin surfacing to intrigue the lead characters and the readers of the book. Will Aparna be able to handle all alone?  

It’s a great book to have in anyone’s TBR list. Even the auxiliary characters have been sketched well with definitive authority. One thing is sure, the book is highly engaging and keeps the predictability at bay.

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About the Author:

Archana Pathak is based in Pune. She has done her Master’s in English Literature and has taught English to senior classes, for almost a decade and a half. She is a voracious reader and has read a large number of books by authors of various genres, but her preferred genre is mystery fiction. Her favourite authors are Victoria Holt, Daphne du Maurier, Dorothy Eden, Phyllis A. Whitney, Mary Stewart, and present day authors like Kate Morton, Lucinda Riley, Jojo Moyes and so on. She is an ardent traveler and has a keen ear for music. She has always been passionate about writing. She has been writing blogs on and off.

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