Lotus Land by Bhuban Patra Explores the Unheard Mysteries of Konark Temple

Lotus Land by Bhuban Patra is another incredible historical novel published by Leadstart. It is the book 1 in the Konark Secret Duology. In India, Konark Sun Temple is a mesmerizing historical monument cum tourism heritage. It was built in 13th century CE. So, this novel features the undercurrent architectural grandiose of the Konark temple in the backdrop like a banter. However, Bishnu Maharana is the lead character in the novel. The story is about his journey from a normal person to becoming the chief architect of the Konark Temple.

Since Bishnu is the protagonist, the story starts with his childhood days, as how his mother handles him and what he learns from his father. Bishnu has been portrayed as someone dedicated and ambitious in his career. While pursuing his path in building architecture, he stumbles upon many veteran and skillful people. From them, he not only gets the true insights but also learns about the secrets that remain clandestine. After a point, secrets and some mysterious make the overall narration engaging while we discover the personal journey of Bishnu – the master architecture. The novel is historical in nature but it also inspires as the some qualities and virtues of Bishnu were commendable.

The author brilliantly sketched characters and kept the language simple and lucid to get settled easily in the book. At times, the narration and suspense in the book wounds up and down, but overall it is a well-sketched and researched book. Bhuban’s knowledge about geographical area and accurate detailing of ancient temples is at par with his narration skills. From a historical point of view, it is a novel of great worth and relevance and significance.

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About the Author:

Bhuban Patra is a travel blogger by choice and a marketing executive by profession. He has a degree in management from Maastricht School of Management, Netherlands and holds a certification in Social Media Marketing. He was born in Balasore, a quaint district in Odisha and was raised up in Bhubaneswar.

He is a contemporary traveler, who found interest in writing when he started exploring and blogging about Odisha and its inheritance. He travelled deep into the history and culture, where he found monuments yet to be explored and its stories to be told. His traveler heart and spontaneous photography led him to become a travel blogger and then an author.

His debut book “Where is Ekamra” has been appreciated by many and he has been awarded one of the top hundred debut Indian Authors of 2019, by Literatureslight and Criticspace Journal. He currently resides in Hyderabad with his wife and two pets.

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