The Curse of ASI by Utkarsh Sharma is an Engaging Mythological Novel Emanating from the Battle of Mahabharata

Published by Leadstart, The Curse of ASI by Utkarsh Sharma is another stellar story from the era of Mahabharata. It is a mythological fiction emanating from the battle of Mahabharata. The scope and vastness of Mahabharata is truly huge – there have been many stories that spring from it and sound incredibly true to their essence.

This novel is about a powerful weapon named ASI created by Lord Brahma. During the battle of Mahabharata, when Bhisma was laid down to deathbed of arrows, he was confronted by one of the Pandavas Nakul. This story will definitely intrigue the mythological readers and they need to believe that Mahabharata was such a big event in the history of Hinduism that it’s capable of producing scores of small stories and await retelling.

Bhisma narrates the story of ASI. In the story it is given that ASI currently is in the possession of the kingdom Akshobhyas in Bharatvarsh. The possessor of ASI will win the war and maintain the peace in the state but at the same time it will also hold some sort of curse. As the story matures, readers will get under the skin of the story and will come to know the conspiracies that try to sabotage Akshobhyas. It is a powerful novel with lucid narration and high entertainment quotient.

Utkarsh Sharma must have done deep research and thus puts a show of detailed storytelling with almost no flaw. Readers surely get a chance to cogitate about many events that remain hidden in the garb of the main story of Mahabharata. Those who love stories built around Indian mythology will surely get a good taste. Well –written and well-edited, Utkarsh Sharma has delivered a near perfect story laced with mythological backdrop.

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