Press Release – The Blissful Inferno by Abhishek Pathak is a Riveting Fiction Backdropped against the Hell

Published by BookMedia all across the world, the novel ‘the Blissful Inferno’ is the debut work of Abhishek Pathak. At the façade, it is a dark, death-themed novel; however, once readers delve deep into the story, they will find it funny too because of its humour element and light writing style.

The protagonist in the book is Kushagra. He was married to Keerti, who in return was still stuck to her ex boyfriend. Things begin changing in their one-year old marriage. One fateful night Kushagra meets with a deadly accident. He is dead but his body is yet to be discovered. Post this; the author takes readers to some funny possible situations as what happens when one person dies – how his soul is captured by demons and angles. Anyway, he reaches at the hell in some third circle. Once Kushagra is in hell, a new discovery awaits him. Things there are different and he mildly enjoys but everything is short-lived until he meets one guy called Uttakarsha.

A thrilling action and adventure ensues in the hell as Kushagra joins the team of one powerful witch along with Tarini and Uttakarsha. Events in the hell are beyond imagination of laymen and to keep the book balanced the story shuttles between earth and hell with some good cast of characters. How’s the life in hell? Are there any protocols? Do wars take place there? What happens after hell? Is there any chance that a person can come back to earth from hell? A lot similar questions will begin gripping the readers once they join Kushagra in his journey to hell and beyond.

It is a different type of fiction as hardly there come novels with Hell as backdrop. Abhishek Pathak’s writing style is engaging yet simple, thus making the novel a comfortable read for a veteran to naïve readers.

Buy your copy from Amazon/Kindle and catch up the fun and thrill being in Hell with the protagonist Kushagra.

About the Author:

Just a random boy from Lucknow who loves to write. Abhishek Pathak took science after 10th because it looked cool but he was always fascinated by the mythological and fantasy world. So after the research and hard work of 2.5 years (of which 2 years he spent sleeping), his final work lies in your hand.

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  1. already bought the book 🙌🙌 and must say it is something no indian author ever tried writing about, this book can be a breakthrough in Indian writing and have the potential to be a best seller..

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