Deadlier Than the Male by P. Nandakumar Warrier is an Interesting Novel with Central Focus on a Female Protagonist

Published by Leadstart, Deadlier Than the Male by P. Nandakumar Warrier is a college campus fiction set in IIM Kozhikode. Stretching a little over 200 pages, the novel makes up a riveting read with subtle blending of thriller and college life, that too of a top-notch B school. The protagonist in the novel is Sujata Das, earlier she was posted at IIM Bangalore. When she gets directorship of IIM Kozhikode, she knew life is not going to be a smooth sail anymore, owing to the past notorious record of this B school.

Sujata Das is a strict figure for the institute. She keeps tight vigil on staff’s movement and involvement with the students. She knows that nothing very untoward is going to happen in the campus – but she is also aware that renowned management college campus like IIM Kozhikode can also not be free from drug mafia, peddlers, and so on. From her spy sources, she comes to know about a group that went dormant but as she steps inside the issues, she gets startling facts to accept. So, her immediate duty is not only to morally correct the faculty but also to uncover the elements that can potentially disturb the peace and harmony of the college.

In her stance as the supreme figure of the institute, at her side she has one male staff who, to her surprise, turns out to be a gay. And there is student Divya from Rajasthan, who had some troubling past due to a failed love affair. The story takes time to reach to the subplots that converge to the final climax. For sure, readers one can feel the college life and a little bit of cultural taste of Kerala. Nandakumar’s writing is not easy as one can flit by the pages, it is intense and demands good amount of attention from the readers. Overall, it is a great novel for its stance and genre.

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About the Author:

Nandhakumar Warrier was educated at Guindy Engineering College, Case Western Reserve University and the University of Stockholm, and has lived many years in Sweden, the USA, Oman, and New Zealand. His longest stints of work were at the Institute of International Economic Studies (IIES), Stockholm, and the National Institute of Economic Research (Konjunktur Institutet), Stockholm, following which he joined the faculty of the Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode.

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