Zenani Deordhi by Santosh Singh Presents a Remarkable Journey of a Young Princess from Rajputana Land

Published by Leadstart, Zenani Deordhi by Santosh Singh is a historical fiction set in the time of late eighteenth and early nineteenth century. The novel captures the life journey of one princess called Fateh Kanwar in the land of Rajasthan.

At a young age she is married to Maharaja Jagat Singh of Jaipur. After marriage, she gains the status of being a mighty and intelligent queen. But some sudden events bring change to her status and powers. After that will she be that innocent and beautiful princess anymore?

This novel narrates a tale of a royal woman that offers a glimpse into the feminine side of history that is more humane, but equally sanguinary. Along with the narration of a royal woman in the kingdom that goes berserk, the author has made available description of royal scenes and surroundings marked by splendor, glitter, colorfulness, and opulence and so on. Readers will have pleasant experience as they might feel rich in that ambience and gaiety. At the core, the book is all about position and power and sacrifice of women in Rajputana provinces. There have been many books in the market that retells the legends of Rajput warriors but hardly are books that highlight the glorious work of women. This novel attempts to study one such woman.

Superbly narrated, this novel is a treat to read and nudge readers to cogitate upon the history of yesteryears that seems to forget the sacrifice and contribution of women in building the kingdoms.

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About the Author

Dr. Santosh Singh secured her triple Masters in Sociology, English, and Education from Lucknow University and Agra University, respectively. She holds a doctorate in Sociology from Rajasthan University. She was also awarded post-doctoral fellowship by ICSSR, New Delhi. After a stint of teaching in BDKM Post-Graduate College, Agra, she was assigned a prestigious project- training the future bureaucrats of Namibia, in secretarial work, under the aegis of Internal Security Academy, Mount Abu, Rajasthan. She has been associated with Institute of Social Sciences (ISS) New Delhi since 1996.

Her published works are – ‘Passion for Flames’, ‘Learning Societies – Shifting Patterns’, ‘Combatant Women’, ‘Violence against Rural Women’, ‘Dynamics of Inclusion and Exclusion in Uttar Pradesh’ in ‘Inclusion and Exclusion in Local Governance, ‘Women Empowerment and Civil society’ in ‘The Indian Women’s Journey- the last Five Decades.’

She has contributed a number of research papers, articles and stories to national journals, magazines and newspapers. The areas of her primary interests are- water and sanitation, panchayati raj and civil society, women empowerment, conflict and gendered violence and the women, who remained obscured in the history for diverse reasons.

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