Press Release – Hiraeth by Ritika is a Contemporary Novel which Focuses on a Young Girl Caught in the Web of Emotional Crises

Published by BookMedia, Hiraeth by Ritika is a contemporary fiction about a young girl named Raya, who goes abroad for higher studies, but there she finds herself entangled in a tide of emotional crises.

Raya is 24-year-old young girl from India. Alone she goes to Australia for an MBA degree. But well before she could board the plane, she is caught in emotional dilemma and the biggest one is that she is running away due to some personal reasons like wedding pressure and the will to curve out her name and stance at her own way.

As the story progresses, readers will get acquainted with her emotional flight. She thinks a lot and things don’t get settled easily when someone leaves the country and tries to settle down in another continent for no particular strong reasons. This is a good novel full of insights as how Indian people or students feel abroad. It seems that the author tried to put a lot of information straight from her own experiences. Writing is captivating and intense; there is a chain of thoughts that never leaves the protagonist alone in her journey outside home.

The title Hiraeth is apt as Raya keeps weighing her home and abroad experiences in the same pan. Sometimes, it was evident as what the real motto of her life is and what she wants to make of it. Due to her feeling of Hiraeth, she is caught in an emotional turmoil and she feels a victim of time and social norms. But the undercurrent theme of the novel is to fight back and reinstate your belief and purpose of life. This is a story of a young girl who tries to be brave in all circumstances, she is least bothered whether her loved or closed ones will support or abandon her. Overall, a good novel for its genre and today’s youth.

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About the Author:

Ritika Kanodia completed her schooling from St. Mary’s Convent, Kanpur and graduated from C.S.J.M University with a bachelor degree in Commerce. She is currently pursuing C.A and lives with her parents and one sister Yashika.

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