Press Release – The Quantum Reality of Life by Saravanan Marimuthu Presents a Fine Blending of Modern Physics and Ancient Beliefs of Spirituality and Religion

Published by White Falcon Publishing, the Quantum Reality of Life by Saravanan Marimuthu is a work of non-fiction with philosophical inclination. Quantum is a physics term that studies various possibilities of things that may exist in a specific place at a specific time. In a right sense, it provides the scope of better possibilities.

The book stretches up to 80 pages and it seeks the relationship between Science, Spirituality, and Religion. Through Quantum Reality model, the author tries to seek answers about existence of humans and universe and much more. As nowadays people believe what they see – and that is science for them – but what about the feelings and things that one cannot see? If a person seeks answers pertaining to universe and its function, it’s likely that one may get different answers, depending upon their faith and inclination.

In a nutshell, the book asks can Quantum unify science, spirituality, and religion into one, as these three important aspects run the world and also contrast each other. Especially science tries to build logic about everything based on intellect. But religious theories look solid but sound fictitious. However, spirituality has a little vast vista and it tries to accommodate religious principles in it. These aspects are different and crucial for human race. The book sheds light on various topics that possibly try to take their own stance. It is a bit heavy book, people with theological mindset or hailing from physics may relate it better. The book lays open the underbelly of conflict that keeps humans either engaged or disturbed. Overall, the book is based on universal topics and holds a good virtue for its hard core readers.

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About the Author:

About the Author: Saravanan Marimuthu is a dynamic, young and successful second generation entrepreneur, and an active traveler having explored more than 30 countries around the world. The author holds engineering in the Electronics background and proficient management skills. Being an avid reader, he developed great interest towards physics, cosmology and spirituality.

He went on to discover the depth of various speculations about life, ended up having unanswered questions and ambiguous thoughts. His search for the known unknowns led him to author this book. Here are his thoughts drawing analogies and correlations between the modern theories of physics and ancient beliefs of spirituality & religion.

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