Fractured Mosaic by Sabarna Roy: Thoughtful and Engrossing

Published by Leadstart, Fractured Mosaic by Sabarna Roy is an interesting book that goes beyond any set genre. It is a multi-disciplinary book that consists of journal entries, musings, opinions, commentary on a gamut of topics, poems, and so on.

The best thing about this book is that it is does not follow any conventional rule of literature, yet it is a masterpiece.  There have been wider coverage on musings – there are of all sorts like intense, sensitive, political, transient, flooding, and wildly scattered. From personal to contemporary topics, the author at times urges readers to listen to him and at times they would feel being captivated by his charismatic musings. If you ever want to feel the power of wordsmithing at best, well then this is the book to be looked upon.

The most relatable part in the book is author’s views on movies and TV series. In addition to that the book truly acts like a kaleidoscope and reflects the broken tiles of our society. In 23 chapters, the entire world’s conversation and gossiping comes at the table. Written in the most amazing way, the book is highly appealing with its interdisciplinary approach. Highly thoughtful and engrossing, keeping the boredom at bay.

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About the Author:

Sabarna Roy has been awarded the Literoma Laureate Award in 2019, Literoma Star Achiever Award 2020, Random Subterranean Mosaic: 2012 – 2018 won the best book of the year 2019, the A List Award for excellence in fiction by the NewsX Media House, Certificate for The Real Super Heroes for spreading a spirit of positivity and hope during the COVID-19 Pandemic from Forever Star India Award 2020, the Certificate for Participation in the Indo Russian Friendship Celebration 2020, and the Literoma Golden Star Award 2020: Lifetime Achievement.

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