The Phoenix Doctors by Dr. Rishi Kanna Reveals the Dark Side of Medical Business

Published by Leadstart, the Phoenix Doctors by Dr. Rishi Kanna is a medical thriller drama. The story features some brave medical field doctors and practitioners who revolt against the mediocre corrupt healthcare system in India to launch their own startup. As the novel opens up, you will find Narendranath, the owner of Supercare Specialty Hospitals, brooding over the stagnant growth of his hospital. The stiff competition has reduced his share of profit by a good share of margin. He is a businessman first and cares least about patients and their welfare.

Karthik is the main protagonist of the story, who works in Narendranath’s hospital in the orthopaedics. He is one of the best performers but Narendranath is not happy with other doctors as they are giving fair treatment and not focused on money minting. It is bitter reality in India that many medium to high level hospitals are being run by greedy industrialists and politicians. They don’t care about quality treatment or affordability or safety– their main focus is to exhort money from patients. For them, the medical field is no more a noble business; it’s just like any other profit-making entity.  

Right since the first page, the novel seems in its right track. The story depicts the corruption and greed that is silently eating the ethics of medical practice. Why do people look for unwanted profit in hospitals? Why are Indian hospitals and healthcare becoming so expensive to afford? Are the people running chains of hospitals consumed by greed? If you ever want answers to these questions, you must grab this novel, which is full of incidents and journey of some doctors who in full defiance revolt against the existing system and start something valuable to keep the honesty of the field alive.

‘The Phoenix Doctors’ is an engaging read with a powerful message to the society. The author hails from the medical field, thus, many incidents and events mentioned in the book may have been spiraled from his own experience. The novel reads like an inside story and honesty is evident like banter in the backdrop. Dr. Rishi Kanna has spiced up the story so well that readers will not only find it interesting but also credible. Lucid narration and perfectly edited, this novel is a must read for all as we all visit hospitals and pay bills.

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About the Author:

Dr. Rishi Kanna is a practising spine surgeon, based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. He is an active blogger and has written more than a hundred blogs in social media, and several of them have been published in the national edition of ‘The Hindu’ newspaper.

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