The Flawed Good Man by Sanskriti Singh Chronicles the Legends of Karna from Mahabharata

Published by Leadstart, the Flawed Good Man by Sanskriti Singh is mythological novel emanating from the epic of Mahabharata. There have been scores of retelling of Mahabharata – mostly about Pandavas, and at times about the lord Krishna. However, only a handful of books have been published that tell the story from other side: Kauravas. The world may be eulogizing Pandavas and their fate, but there were some terrific and larger-than-life heroes at the wrong side. One such figure was Karna. On similar lines, the young author from India ‘Sanskriti Singh’ has brought forward a story way profound and engaging in its essence.

The Flawed Good Man is a story of Karna. Whether people have read the epic Mahabharata or not, they are aware of Karna’s valor and big-hearted donations. He was a perfect kind of warrior and human being. But his life journey was not soothing – he endured pain, being ignored, and struggled for identity and education. This book takes the reader through the life journey of Karna. The book presents all the events – from birth to death – in a credible chronicle. The novel sheds lights on his birth and how his mother Kunti abandoned him and under what circumstances he was raised by Radha and Adhirath. What values and traits ossified him into a world-class archer and warrior?

Though told in a fictional way, the story is terrific and looks like one of the best mythological fictions of this year. Someone who is looking something different than Amish and Devdutt Pattanaik – must try this 300 plus pages novel. Moving at a measured pace, Sanskriti Singh has kept the language simple and narration captivating.

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About the Author:

 Sanskriti Singh is a self-published author of a book called “Ram’s Sister; True Scion of Raghu” and an avid reader.  She is eighteen and has grown up reading and listening to the stories of Smrities, Shruties, Itihas, and Shastras.  She writes articles in the regional daily “The Shillong Times”. She has won many national level essay writing competitions and her work has been admired by prominent mythologists of India. You can find some of her articles on Google with titles like “Kshatriya Princess” “History not Myth” “Reading the Dictators Mind” “Learn To Live Like A Child” and many more. She is deeply interested in the subjects that can be explained not only through spirituality but also by logic and sciences, mythology being one of the subjects that can have logical and spiritual explanations if looked for with dedication and is her favourite.

 She is a lover of art, mythology, and history. You can connect to with her through social media platforms like Instagram (im_sanskritisingh) or through twitter(@Sanskriti2390) or go to her page which is in her name i.e. Sanskriti Singh.

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