After Life – The Desolation by Pankaj Shasini Offers an Insight to the Afterlife and Much More

Published by Leadstart, After Life – the Desolation by Pankaj Shasini is a fascinating work of fiction that depicts the value of life when someone sees it from the other side i.e. after death. The novel is a fine blend of fiction and Indian religious mythology. The story kicks off with Yamaraj as how he works and his commission and all.

After Yamaraj episode, the novel gets into a routinely story format. The author then introduces protagonists Kabir and Trupti. Kabir is a successful businessman and his wife Trupti a fabulous yet strong housewife. For some time, the story covers the rites of passage for these characters – as in how they met, fell in love, got married, and have one child. Well, later on tragedy hits them and one of them loses life. This actuates the afterlife part of the novel.

Besides a fictional tale of two people, the story delves deep in the insights and opportunities that life throws at them. In simple words, one realizes the value of life when he/she loses it. In a sense the book portrays a picture which depicts as how life should be lived. Share of happiness and sorrow is like a cycle – one must keep striving hard from small to big events. The cover page of the novel is captivating and indicates the afterlife proposition in utmost clarity.

Pankaj Shasini has written a wonderful book on the true meaning of life. Life is a like a limited treasure, one should live it to the fullest with less contrition. Lucid narration along with captivating storyline pulls readers for a fine spell of reading experience.

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About the Author:

Born on 10th November 1990, Pankaj has completed his graduation in Mechanical Engineering. Earlier, he has worked as a designer and delivered corporate training in various 3D designing software. He is congenitally an artist, which he believes is a gift from his mother. He believes any form of art is a medium of expression. He is a dreamer, who has always tried to explore different modes of expression through drawing, 3D designing and now through words. Not only is he a visualizer of events or nature, he is also keen on sketching a concept like product designs for cars or other innovative gadgets. He even loves to explore unsolved mysteries, which led him to come up with this concept of ‘AfterLife’. Other topics that he loves are about Aliens, Bermuda Triangle, Land beyond the North Pole and Why did America not go to the moon again?

He is interested in educating himself on Quantum Mechanics and String Theory. His role models are Michio Kaku (American Physicist), Brian Greene (Theoretical Physicist), Manoj Bhargava (American Businessman), Deepak Chopra (Alternative Medicine), Leonardo Da Vinci (Polymath) and not to forget Steve Jobs (Cofounder of Apple Inc.)

Music is like a pill for him, coin collection, pen collection, painting, photography, 3D designing, and concept sketching; his mind is always busy in thinking something.

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