Press Release: Get Lost Dirty Covid 19! by Madalsa and Zuivere is a Self-Reflective Poetry Themed around the Corona Pandemic

Get Lost Dirty Covid 19! is a powerful, reflective, yet an appealing title. Written by mother and daughter duo, the poetry is easy to read and relate, and segmented into 9 topics like social distancing, solitude, fear, abuse, pain, prayer, gratitude, and hope.

Running up to 116 pages, each section is followed by a simple yet meaning painting. The poems are simple and seem free from any sort of influence. The collection portrays the life of people during Covid 19 and its allied lockdown and other restrictions. The book is highly relatable in today’s crises but the way it represents a gamut of human feelings and psychology is little embarrassing and may evoke painful memories.

The collection is weaved by mother Zuivere and her teenage daughter Madalsa. Readers will not be able to distinguish between their works, the writing style is so soothing and blending into one another, also each poem is a story in itself and it stares at its readers. The book may look thin but its expanse is not only wide but also extensive. The collection starts with poems on basic misery that Covid imposed across the world, but as the book chugs ahead you will get to see poems based on social distancing, abuse, children, women, mother and daughter getting affected, doctors, and so on. The collection grows from misery to gratitude and finally to hope.

Probably, it is one of the best collection of poetry that captures the feelings and experiences of people caught in the heat of this pandemic. All poems are strong and make sense and way away from futility and banality.

It’s been over a year since the Covid came, life changed, and it is never going to be the same for coming days – this collection recounts how we lived throughout the lockdowns and remained silent over the loss of our loved ones. It is a beautifully stitched collection of poetry, providing fodder for thoughts. An amazing yet soul-stirring collection from mother and daughter sitting somewhere in Australia.

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About the Authors:

Madalsa is a budding writer who started writing at the age of nine. She has keenly observed the inherent contradictions of Oriental and Occidental culture and ultimately imbibed the best from the two. She has a music-lover soul and is a guitarist in the Young Heart band. She is a skilled equestrian who enjoys time in the countryside. An ardent reader, Madalsa reads works from Shakespeare to Eliot. Currently, she is a Grade-8 student at Matthew Flinders College in Geelong. She takes great inspiration from her mother, Zuivere. Zuivere has multi-faceted talent, born and brought up in the serenity of the Himalayas. She is a university gold medallist with a PhD in communications and journalism. She was a national-level player in basketball and baseball. Zuivere started her career as a journalist working for the Indian Express group. Initially as a sportsperson and later as a journalist, she travelled across the length and width of India and the world before switching over to the academic realm and spending some years teaching high-level journalism as a lecturer in universities. She is now settled in Melbourne.

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