Press Release – Hindi Shayari Collection Kuch Ankahe Alfaaz Rekindles Bitter Sweet Memories of Life

Kuch Ankahe Alfaaz by Babita Prajapati is an eclectic collection of 120 Hindi Shayaris and poems covering a variety of themes such as love, life, society, human relationships, faith, betrayal, and heartbreaks.

Written with unrestrained honesty, the content of the book resonates with the readers. The author must have remained silent and meek to suppress her voice. However, with this poetry collection, she attempts to voice her emotions and views and experiences about life.

For sure, reading this book is a refreshing experience. The usage of Hindi language is lucid and it offers no difficulty for readers while reading the book in leisure. Moreover, the freshness of the book lies in the fact that it doesn’t stick to a particular theme. It flows just like free thoughts.

It is a poetry book that rekindles a gamut of emotions about love, life, misdeeds, missed opportunities, time, and much more! It can evoke a sense of sweet and bitter memories. Readers will not only be thrilled to read this book but also got mesmerized by the author’s style of depiction. Way cool and great book for broken hearts to lovers of today and yesteryears! An amazing show of creativity and valour! Coming from an astute observation and candour, these poems are bound to intrigue the readers. If Hindi poetry attracts you, do give this book a shot!

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