Press Release – Extra Ordinary by Sailee Tiwari is an Eclectic Collection on a Range of Topics about Life

Extra Ordinary by Sailee Tiwari is a collection of short stories. The book offers 12 extraordinary stories of ordinary people. The book has one common theme and that is to explore the vestiges of being extraordinary in ordinary people. The stories are easy to read and connect. The characters depicted in the book may not be found so often around you but the stories definitely sound familiar.

In each story, the author builds the tempo of suspense and then by the end, she introduces that extra factor that defines the mettle of a person and she/he becomes a changed person all their life. For instance, in second story ‘Strangers to Friends to Strangers to…?’ two passengers discuss the length and breadth of feminism and patriarchal dominance, but in the end, the female stranger validates her reasons for the same when she admits being a rape victim.

As the book chugs ahead, one will find that there is something hidden in one’s ossified idiosyncrasy and tenacity. Also, the collection explores a gamut of human feelings that break or make one’s life. The prominent ones are love, friendship, betrayal, homecoming, hope, destiny, and much more. The book relays a message for the readers: one’s courage and valour during adverse phase makes them extraordinary, not a privileged life.

Since the book length is 104 pages, it was easy to read and follow the stories. From mediocre to good, the book offers all range of stories. Sailee Tiwari is a promising author, if she comes up with a novel, probably she can be that contemporary elite author in India. All in all, it is a good collection that can be read anywhere and anytime. Simple and decent, with lucid narration!

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About the Author:

Sailee is a software test lead with 9 years of experience in the Information Technology sector. She is active in various writing applications and has contributed to more than 10 published anthology books. She is expressive and her style of writing is heart-warming and elegant. She is a keen and passionate writer, adores writing poems, quotes, and stories. Her affinity for writing started way back when she was a teenager and was also an avid reader. She can make a reader traverse through various emotions in a short interval. Besides writing, she cherishes art, jewelry design, and handicrafts. She also likes to travel while indulging in nature and street photography.

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