Press Release – Getting Over It by Prabadip Ghai is a Timely Guide on Money, Jobs, and Business

Self-published yet impactful, the book Getting Over It by Prabadip Ghai fosters the belief of people that are struggling with income stability, business fluctuation, career obstacles and so on in the difficult times like Covid 19. The meaning of the book indicates that one should get over uncertainties and fears that life throws at an individual in a professional stretch. The book serves as a complete guidance package for new job seekers, people stuck in their jobs or professions, struggling entrepreneurs and much more. The tagline of the book is self-introductory in nature: learning skills to create secondary income, achieve financial stability, become mentally strong and thrive in difficult times.

The book serves point wise. It is segmented in two useful Plans i.e. A and B. The former doles out information on basic yet useful points that make one’s career and job successful, while the later ‘Plan B’ is about secondary source of income, building mental strength and sheds light on various opportunities associated with the Internet. The book is not about personal tales of the author or another warts-and-all self-help book, it is rather a kind of management book. It teaches how to be that successful job aspirant, professional, and businessman.

“Roads never end in professional life; they just take some unexpected turns.” – Pradeept

The author asserts that he has deliberately kept the language of the book simple so that it can be grasped by millions of people across the world. In its tall stature, the book covers a gamut of do’s and don’ts, also shares problems and their solutions. A close look reveals that the book is more than a cover and inside pages, actually it is a pool of knowledge. A must read book for naïve to veteran professionals alike.

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About the Author:

Pradeept is a professional, who is an industry expert, a competent engineer, a post graduate in Quality Management, PG diploma in SCM & Operations, Six Sigma BB and a Prince-2 accredited specialist. He is an accredited coach for six thinking hats, (parallel thinking De Bono), a poet, blog writer, a sacred healer, numerologist and a light worker. He carries over 25 years of industry experience as a professional business improvement consultant and a corporate trainer.

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