Press Release – Life: An Existential Cocktail by Bienu Varma Vaghela is beautiful & thought-provoking collection of poems, stirring a cocktail of emotions, which will raise your spirits for life

Life: An Existential Cocktail is in itself a spirited title that will traverse you through the journey of life through its poems on the themes like love and longing, acceptance and acknowledgement, life and laughter, home and harmony, world and wisdom.

Everyone who loves to closely observe life, across age groups, demographics, profiles and genders, would easily relate to it.

Running into 140 Pages, the book is segregated by artistically designed separators andpoetry is supported by communicative and artistic visuals. Foreword by renowned author, poet and cartoonist Prriya Raj speaks volumes about the poetry in the book. The poetry is divided into four sections – Abstract, Life, Love and Self but flows seamlessly for the reader. Every poetry would leave the reader with something to ponder about be it about what is going in the world, what are we doing to the environment and how current pandemic has impacted our lives.

The book is the author’s physical and emotional journey and her relation with the people and events which shaped her life. Book presents some very interesting titles too.

Book has illustrated the author’s life and writing journey traversing through her school days, how she struggled with writing and on growing up how she adapted a completely different genre of writing. How as a keen observer she saw and felt the world and chose to put it on paper for her readers.

There is a catchy write -up on how and why the title: Life: An Existential Cocktail was chosen.  

The cover & inside illustrations are by young & creative artist – Tanyaa who has brought the poetry alive. 

” The poetry of Bienu Varma Vaghela is an exploratory journey of the human soul, its hopes, happiness and tribulations. I truly enjoyed the author’s poetry. It reaches the bottom and the mysteries of our existence, its unpredictability and the hope and search for happiness, all of these expressed with profound spirituality”.

Eduardo Chapunoff M.D., a well-known American Author & Diplomate of the American Board of Internal Medicine.

Published & Released by BookMedia Publications, the book is positioned as a riveting and sublime English poetry collection by author Bienu Varma Vaghela which explores a explores a gamut of emotions themed around loss, grief, and love, betrayal in life.

She debuts as an author with this book.

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About the Author

A media professional for over 25 years, she started writing at a very early age and realised early on – Writing was her calling.  She has been in various responsible positions in large Corporates in the field of Communications & Media. These roles provided her ample opportunity to write and edit, besides exploring different writing genres.

Writing poetry came naturally to her but she never thought that she could do it ever, owing to her corporate style of writing. Since then, she has been consistently writing, overcoming various challenges associated with poetry writing. This provided her with an opportunity to view the world and its manoeuvrings from a poet’s angle.

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