Best Poetry Books Written during Lockdown on Covid-19

In the literature arena, Covid 19 has become a new genre. As there are books on wars, history, romance, self-help and so on; similarly, writers and poets across the globe are sprouting with their works of fiction and poetry based and built around Covid 19, quarantine, and lock down.

We have brought some of the best poetry collections that were written during lockdown of Covid 19. Majorly, these books are written in response to Corona virus pandemic. Part memoir and part juicy, authors have put what they felt during the outbreak, quarantine and lockdown days. A lot seems similar but for everyone the experience differs in more than one aspect.

  1. Get Lost Dirty Covid 19! by Madalsa and Zuivere

Get Lost Dirty COVID-19! This is what everyone is wishing for as the COVID-19 is creating newer challenges every day. The book captures the current situation with nine COVID-19 themes as it moves from isolation and surrounding pain towards gratitude and hope. This composition by mother Zuivere and daughter Madalsa presents the perspective of two different generations on the same subject. The book is a heart-touching work relatable to every single person on the planet living in fear. However, at the same time, the book reflects a sense of hope, as there is always a bright and optimistic sky even after the most deadly storm.

2. Mellowed with Years by Debasis Panigrahi

The poems of this collection are musings on our life and times, musings mellowed with years. A few of them are based on ‘Corona’, the deadly pandemic that overtook the world in 2020. In a way, the collection is a part memoir of life in the time of Corona. The poems often reflect on forgetfulness, reticence, tentativeness and absence of entitlements. A recurrent theme is the deceptiveness of memory, remembrance and recollections, as the line of distinction between fact and fiction is getting blurred. There is an overwhelming preoccupation with fleetingness of time, fears, premonitions, forebodings, ageing, insanity, infirmity, death and morbidity. The poems portray relationships, emotions, places and peoples with an unusual intensity and are deeply perceptive, contemplative and poignant.

3. Lockdown Poetry by Debbie Brewer

Written during the coronavirus covid-19 pandemic of 2020, when the population of the UK was in lockdown, as indeed was much of the world, this extraordinary book of poetry emanates the perceptions of the nation during this difficult time. Containing a variety of funny, sad, long and short poems, Debbie Brewer manages to encapsulate the feelings of how we coped with social distancing, self isolation, and how we managed to continue to maintain our lives under lockdown conditions. It is dedicated to the keyworkers who have worked through the coronavirus covid-19 pandemic of 2020.

4. Where Hope Comes From by Nikita Gill

Written against the backdrop of global crisis, Nikita Gill’s new collection Where Hope Comes From shines a light into the darkness as we begin our journey back to hope. Weaving words that explore our collective trauma, her poetry takes us on a journey through the five stages of grief to the five stages of hope through the life cycle of a star. The collection features her most popular poems to date Love in the Time of Coronavirus and How to be Strong, alongside new material and beautiful watercolour illustrations. If you, or someone you know is mourning the loss of a loved one, or a way of life; let Nikita’s words help you through the process to heal.

5. Isolocation by Ishmeet Nagpal

The poems in Isolocation reflect our shared reality during the COVID-19 pandemic, with strong themes of feminism, family, love, mental health, and the current socio-political climate. The poets conjure joy, pain, desire, acceptance, and catharsis with verses that reach out to touch the reader in the times of social distancing.

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