Press Release – Ten X Murders for the Mind by Amitav Ganguly is a Captivating Collection of Murder Mysteries

Published by Notion Press in Kindle and Paperback, Ten X Murders for the Mind by Amitav Ganguly is a riveting book of 10 stories that dealt with gruesome murders. These murders are so differently done that they aren’t less than any enigmatic mysteries. The reasons behind murders are fuelled by human desire of revenge, vengeance, greed, property-related issues and much more. Though the book is not a novel, yet it reads like one. It is a collection of 10 long stories where murders take place and it is solved by the inspector Samsher Brahma and his team.

The USP of the book is that it is narrated in general tone. Often crime thriller or murder mysteries told either from the offender’s perspective or from the investigator’s point of view. Also each story is not connected and starts at a new point. However, the author has taken care of the fact that the readers don’t stumble upon any reference from previous stories except the police team.

The stories are perfectly stitched with good usage of language and vocabulary. The narration is captivating but also smooth, making readers comfortable with the overall theme and feel of the book. The descriptive crime events and evidences and melodrama makes the book highly engaging, subsequently readers will not have difficult time traversing through the stories.

According to the increasing Amazon and Goodreads reviews, the book seems like a nice and pleasant read with something new to offer to the hardcore crime genre readers.

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About the Author:

Mr. Amitav Ganguly is a senior corporate law specialist in India with more than three decades of legal affairs, management, and corporate administration experience. A resident of New Delhi, India, he has penned many articles in corporate laws which have been very successfully published online and in prominent journals.

Besides his professional writings, his passion for Indian and world literature has inspired him to author short stories of different genres. He has written and published more than fifty such stories with a large readership that continues to grow.

On many occasions, his stories have been chosen as “editor’s choice” and “story of the month.” Many of his stories have been adapted for plays, and one crime story has been an inspiration for a popular short film, “45 Seconds.” His last book, “Twelve Paranormal Tales” is continuing to be very well received by the readers. His latest book is TEN X MURDERS FOR THE MIND –a collection of murder mysteries.

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