Press Release – The Winter Song by Saurav Dutt is a Poignant Novel on Frailty of Human Emotions

Saurav Dutt’s new novel, ‘The Winter Song’ is a slow burn yet an enchanting novel that captures the spiritual awakening of one man who roams the icy roads of Shimla and the Spiti Valley to find answers about faith, love, life, relationships and many more things. The lead John Perera takes the road of Shimla and sets himself to a destination where once his wife prayed for a wonderful and loyal husband. The novel moves at a measured slow pace and it takes time to settle down.

The man is in contrition. He is regretting futility of his principles and ideologies that failed him as a father and husband. When his son dies of consuming hashish, life treats him with cold shrugs. He was in deep love with his wife Asima, but in the aftermath of their son’s demise, she withdraws from him. He was suffering but adamant. So when she dies of cancer, he bows to fulfill her dream of doing something big for her. Thus, he takes a long cold walk of around 90 miles. Will he be able to complete that and find truth he is looking for or succumb to something dreadful like disease, incompatibility, or death?

This is an intense novel with melancholy, sadness, and tragedy in the backdrop. How some choices can make or break a human life is well captured in the novel. Join the journey of John to discover an array of aspects that can shake anyone’s life. In all its stature, the novel is way grand and unique, brimming with human feelings. It is Saurav’s brilliance that shines throughout the novel. With sweeps and back stories and contrition, he is able to put an amazing yet slow-moving novel of great value for humans and their allied relationships.

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About the Author:

Saurav Dutt is an author, political analyst and human rights campaigner. His fiction works have dealt with socio-political themes such as domestic abuse, gender equality, homophobia, and his books have cut across genres such as historical fiction and novelizations of major motion pictures. His acclaimed debut novel ‘The Butterfly Room’ was shortlisted by the Los Angeles Times Book Review as a notable book of the year.

His work for human rights and charity marketing campaign work has taken Dutt to talking engagements on the WEF, IKWRO, IWN, Homes of Parliament and TEDx. His work has been featured on BBC TV and radio, Sky Information and TIME journal. He resides in the UK and Kolkata.

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