Neil David Chan’s Debut Book ‘A Higher Conversation’ is a compelling part self-help and part enlightening book

Published by Austin Macauley Publishers, A Higher Conversation by Neil David Chan is an interesting book on the concept of body, mind, and soul combination. The scope of the book is extensive, so does its genre, but mainly it falls under the purview of self-help and spirituality. Segmented into 11 chapters the book kick starts with a very meaningful introduction by the author.

The main theme of the book is to make readers acquainted with the scope and value of metaphysical entity ‘Soul.’ The author puts emphasis on inclusion of soul with the body and mind combination. Without soul, it is incomplete, and the world can be a better place to live if all human beings begin considering soul something as important as body and mind.

Once the author introduces three aspects i.e. body, mind, and soul, he further then starts explaining various causes that can be rectified or improved with this combination. The human life is not all about fighting the odds against the world or beliefs rather one should unite with oneself to become wholly one or that highly evolved being (HEB). The book has a plenty of assumptions and theories and suggestions to support the stance of Chan. It is a poignant book in retrospection and one can reinstate their faith in spiritual entity by reading this book. It is a slightly heavy book but offers a peaceful proposition that can help one make peace with life and its allied circumstances.    

The book is neither a user guide nor reference book. It offers a new way to look at the existing idea of becoming one with oneself. That idea fosters the seeds of achieving a higher self or higher evolved human. In all senses, the book serves as a reality check and a reminder of who we are and our purpose.

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About the Author:

Poet, thinker, writer and metaphysical philosopher, Neil David Chan is the author of his new book: A Higher Conversation – Another Way to Be Human. Being a well-traveled, cosmopolitan writer, Neil has extensively absorbed the languages, backgrounds, religions, and cultures of our uniquely beautiful planet. A Higher Conversation is the culmination of collective wisdom, discovery, and inspiration derived from his many years of writing, travel, and exploration. Neil strongly believes in how humans are constructed as a three aspect being body, mind and soul.

He believes that our soul has and is, a misunderstood metaphysical entity. Using his deep belief and understanding, he was able to connect with his soul to begin a higher conversation. Neil uses his soul as his compass all the time to navigate his way through life. Through his book, he hopes to illuminate this same compass for others so that they can discover their untapped potential and practice another way to be human.

His second book is on its way. He is passionate about making a difference in the world to help others find their compass. Neil lives and writes from Toronto, Canada, the true North, with his wife. They have two children. He spends his summer hiking and camping with his wife and their friends. Neil loves watching basketball, his favorite team: NBA champions – Toronto Raptors. He also mixes a mean cocktail.

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