Press Release – Nurani S. Ravi’s New Novel ‘Shalom Namaste’ is a Dramatic Political Thriller

Nurani S. Ravi is an emerging popular author from India, with two of his novels (Those Were the Days and Mahanbharata) becoming the Amazon bestseller. His latest book ‘Shalom Namaste’ reflects the much of the current political affairs of India with regard to fugitives and NPAs. At its core, the book is a general fiction; however, its backdrop is never devoid of politics. It is a kind of a political thriller with no bloodshed. It is neither about elections nor heady battles of politicians from different parties. It offers a new perspective to politically inclined novels.

In last some years, there has been constant buzz about the people who fled the country with huge loans on their shoulders. In fact, there were many social and economic offenders that created discomfort for the current ruling party. Not all offenders ran away in their tenure, but still they are accountable. Something on similar lines, this novel chases the story of 5 fugitives. They are ranging from jewelers to TV figure to real-estate and so on. First, the novel shares their stories and what made them to leave the country in hustle-bustle. Later on, NSA Vasu and CSS Menon bring them back from abroad by trapping them. 

The novel houses many characters but the proper segmentation of cases and code names makes the reading easy. Shalom Namaste is a mix of Israeli and Indian greeting. It is the code name given to the operation. India brings back 5 offenders with the help of Israel government. N. S. Ravi has clearly weaved the plot with no inclination to any party. This book serves a neutral yet entertaining read, be it left or right wing supporter.

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About the Author:

Holding an MA in Economics from University of Delhi, the author pursued a career in public and private sector enterprises during which he lived and worked in Europe, Africa besides India. Ravi focuses his time in writing after moving away from the corporate world. Shalom Namaste is his eighth book. He is married and lives with his wife Geetha in Delhi. He is conversant in English, Hindi, Tamil and French.   

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