Highly coveted Indian start-up TIGI HR by young minds to create maximum employment in India

TIGI HR is one of the most trusted and most preferred recruitment company in India, which focuses on the future recruitment needs of the world. TIGI HR is mainly famous for Technological Recruitment, Remote Recruitment Outsourcing, Leadership Hiring, IT (Information Technology) Recruitment and Business Consulting. They encourage and collaborate with the world to hire remote talent in India and give chance to Indian talent to work with trusted global companies. Which resulted into employment creation in India also Indian talent can get more number of trusted remote working opportunities.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is still at an introduction stage in recruitment, but as companies continue to refine the technology, it seems the future of recruitment might already be here. The rapidly increasing technology has changed every other business and recruitment is not an exception.

In the recruitment business, many innovative companies accepted the change and one of them is TIGI HR. According to an IBM report, most HR executives are optimistic about AI’s debut in the department, with 66 percent of CEOs saying they believe AI will transform the way we approach HR and the employee experience. Gradually, AI will bring revolution in the HR industry. It does this by acting as an extension to facilitate workflow and streamlining processes that would otherwise take days or weeks.

TIGI HR is a highly recommended and trusted recruitment company all over India. TIGI HR Solution Pvt. Ltd. is in the hands of the young, enthusiastic and dedicated management team, they are dedicated to providing quality effective services to our clients. Mr. Dax Bamania is the Founder& CEO (National Join Secretory of IHRO, Best Selling Author and Business Consultant) of TIGI HR and Mr. Kashyap Dave is the Director of this firm. It seems like a straightforward product but, in reality, this firm is highly creative and innovative. TIGI HR works with a clearly defined vision, so they consider AI and Automation as one of the threatening revolutions and found many new opportunities associated with this revolution. The core values of this firm are 3D i.e. Decent, Dynamic and Dedicated. The interesting thing is that TIGI HR work with companies that are undoubtedly going to grow. Below are some remedies which are strongly insisted by TIGI HR Solution Pvt. Ltd. to tackle the problems which can be created by AI and Automation.

Due to the emergence of AI, from screening resumes to measuring employee performance, AI can automate many administrative tasks so you can spend more time on strategic initiatives that impact your business.

Peculiarities of TIGI HR:

  • TIGI HR has accepted the technology +  human intelligent approach of working.
  • They provide the facility of remote recruitment outsourcing which allows world to hire potential talent in India
  • TIGI HR is global from mind and Indian by heart (Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam). But, the primary focus of TIGI HR is to serve the nation by creating maximum employment.
  • At TIGI HR internal ERP systems as TMS (TIGI Management System) which covers almost every part of work and it’s also very helpful for TIGI team to optimize productivity along with min. time.  
  • To strengthen the TIGI team, the company has created TLMS (TIGI Learning Management System) for internal training and development needs.
  • They have created an advanced technology with the name of Recruit Robot based on AI and NLP.
  • With the introduction of high technology, TIGI HR has become more productive and efficient, which as a result leads to satisfaction of their clients and TIGI team.
  • TIGI HR has a rich and flexible company culture to get the best out of everyone. Which offers flexible Remote working or Work From Home opportunities along with better technology for time tracking and work analysis as they believe in a high Employee Value Proposition they offer very good perk and benefits as well.
  • TIGI HR uses an effective digital marketing strategy for the acquisition of the correct talent.
  • Due to technological updates, they have very low TAT(Turn around time).
  • TIGI HR is associated with premium networks and platforms for the acquisition of appropriate talent.
  • According to the requirements of clients, they have their various types of services:

1. Leader Search

2. Master Search

3. Dedicated Search

4. AccuVerify

5. AccuData

6. AccuRecruit

  • TIGI provides maximum transparency to clients as well as employees in the process of end to end recruitment.
  • Last but not least their all services are available, accessible and affordable.

4 reasons why HR professionals may want to consider investing in AI:

1. Processes large quantities of data.

Think of how much time goes into recruiting talent for your organization. From resume screening to scheduling interviews to checking references, the hiring process can be incredibly time-consuming—especially if you want to find the right person for the job. Depending on the size of your organization and the number of roles you’re trying to fill, reviewing the number of applications your company receives can be a daunting and slow-moving task. That’s where AI comes in.

2. Eliminate human bias.

Introducing right AI technology to your hiring process can not only help you to reduce the burden of reviewing the sheer volume of your applications, but it can also provide an unbiased, objective perspective when selecting which candidates to move forward in your recruiting process. AI is immune to any effects that personality, gender, race, or ethnicity can have on the outcome of employee screening and can suggest questions based solely on an individual’s competency for a particular job. This allows HR professionals to find the most qualified individual for a job without any personal opinions getting a way for your team to focus on sourcing the best candidates and optimizing your candidate experience.

3. Assesses performance.

AI’s use spans well beyond just recruiting. Some companies are leveraging AI to evaluate their employees and assess their performance. With AI technology, organizations can actively and accurately monitor employees in their ability to fulfill a list of objectives that are unique to their position. This data can then be used to produce automated reviews that can be helpful during annual reviews and discussions around promotions and raises. Because this technology can be manipulated in a variety of ways to best suit the needs of an organization, it’s also possible to establish a grading system that can be referenced to give HR professionals a quick overview of how an individual might be faring during a particular course of time.

4. Solve employee queries.

Whether an employee is new or has been with the company for quite some time, it’s natural for them to have a series of questions about corporate policies, procedures, or benefits. As your company grows, odds are these questions become more frequent. To avoid having these inquiries interrupt their day, some HR teams have turned to AI to address and answer these employee inquiries.

TIGI HR believes in the joy of giving and they consider their work as a noble cause to create employment in the society. That makes them more dedicated and enthusiastic towards the vision and mission of the company to create maximum employment and maximum leaders in society.

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