Books in News – Major General Bipin Bakshi and Rishi Kumar Presents War Hero Comic Niranjan: The Bomb Buster

Niranjan: the Bomb Buster is a war hero comic from the house of AAN Publisher. It is written by Major General Bipin Bakshi and illustrated by Rishi Kumar. The comic is based on a real life story. It features the heroic deeds of Lt. Colonel Niranjan who fought bravely and sacrificed his life in the Pathankot Airbase attack in January 2016.

The purpose of this comic is to make aware civilians and future generations of our country as how hard and bravely our soldiers fight in the face of enemies. The inside story is lucidly narrated with vivid pictures. On 1st January, 2016 there was a terrorist attack on Pathankot Airbase. From Delhi, a unit of NSG commanders goes there and fights the terrorists with the help of army, IFA, and Punjab police. Bomb Disposal Squad was headed by Lt. Colonel Niranjan. After killing some terrorists, officer Niranjan steps ahead to defusing and disarming hidden explosives and grenades strapped to terrorists. In the process, he loses his life but saves others from being getting harmed.

Running up to 36 pages, this comic is not only a morale booster for our country but also showcases Indian armed forces’ operations history. This is an inspirational story of one NSG soldier about his dedication to duty and sacrifice for the country. Lt. Col. Niranjan played a critical role in the success of the operation. He was awarded with Shaurya Chakra posthumously.

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About the Author:

An accomplished Military Officer with wide experience across Operations, Training, Research, and Cyber/Information Warfare with 5 years in the Parachute Brigade and two and a half years in the NSG. He has earlier composed a graphic novel on Lt Gen PS Bhagat, PVSM, VC and has done his PhD on Information Warfare. He has now joined Manohar Parikar Institute of Defence Studies and Analyses in August 2020 as a Deputy Director General.

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  1. Anything that Gen Bakshi would do, Will be to perfection. I would recommend these very strongly.

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