Books in News – Rage of the Immortals by Kanika is a Riveting Fantasy Thriller Set in Faraway Worlds

Published by Notion Press, Rage of the Immortals is a splendid debut by Kanika in the fantasy genre. Stretching over 300+ pages, this novel is exquisitely built on imagination. The novel is set in the post apocalyptic era with hardly any glimpses of earth. However, one of the strong characters has much to do with earth – often referred as old planet.

 This is one amazing fantasy thriller with a slight dose of sci-fi, and also it has a usually long cast of characters. Thus, figuring out who are antagonists, and who play the role of lead is difficult. Broadly, the novel shuttles between Kuh Cifer, Kara, Kuh Atom and some more strong auxiliary characters like Moss Bub, and Akuma, and so on.

Kara is a resident of New Earth, she was employed in its navy services but once she washed out and her record goes awkward. She is then kidnapped by kuh Cifer – the ruler of Underworld. He tricks her into a life-long service for Underworld. Why he did so – it comes out in the end. Well, the novel is placed against various worlds which make it captivating most of the time. For example, Underworld is a sort of hell ruled by Cifer. Heaven is ruled by Atom, and Kara is a human being from New Nyasa.

Underworld is a strange place – it needs protection from external forces. There is always need of active caretakers for the underworld. When Kara joins Cifer, she has to make choices that can define her life ahead. However as the novel chugs ahead, more intriguing plot line awaits readers and it in the end justifies the tussle of Kara. Though the novel is full of wolves, magick society, demons, and emotions – but still there was prejudice and sense for superiority which ultimately makes the ground for battles.

It is a great read if readers can get under the skin of the story and for that they need to stick with it. Writing is lucid and narration is captivating, it makes up for a great read for someone just trying the idea of fantasy genre, and for movie lovers like Vampire Diaries and Lucifer this is a sheer fun.

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About the Author:

Kanika is an IIT alumna with a love of reading since early childhood, when her parents could reliably hand her a stack of story books and be done for the whole of the summer vacations. This was particularly helpful as the small city she grew up in offered little in terms of kiddie distractions, and she never lacked for fantastical places to visit in her imagination. The love for reading grew into passion for writing culminating in Rage of the Immortals. Kanika lives in India with her husband and two sons, and enjoys cooking and gardening in her spare time.

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