Books in News – The Reincarnation of Radha by Mae Gosaynie holds an Enticing Stance on Spiritual Soul Mates

In the Hindu mythology, Radha and Krishna’s love story is considered eternal. It has many hues and meanings but since the dawn of humankind, their love story finds many retellings. On similar lines, Leadstart presents ‘the Reincarnation of Radha’ by Mae Gosaynie. It is an an autobiographical account on Radha. It is not that story which comes as straight that we see in movies or some religious books. A short and crisp read of 57 pages, with just 11 chapters, its essence is old but narrated in a new way, in a new world.

This is a story of one woman born in the USA to the Middle-Eastern parents. She was a second child followed by an elder sister and younger brother. The author is of the opinion that Radha chose her life and destiny even before birth. Considering this as her last birth, she strives to be with her final soul mate i.e. Krishna.

Unlike a mythological story, this one is different from Radha’s point of view. In this 21st century Radha and Krishna affair, the former is married, has borne three sons, and elder to Krishna by 9 years. There are differences from grooming to later stages of life, but it is love that she seeks in its eternal quest. Probably, Radha’s undying love for Krishna is often interpreted as the ultimate quest of a mortal to unite with the divine.

No matter what, this is a great autobiographical retelling on Radha. While reading one will definitely feel that the book is highly authentic and lacks no veracity, as the author’s coherent writing style is so soothing and exquisite, complimented by vivid illustrations. Keeping aside all the myths about Radha, this book makes up for a great read on another retelling emanating tangentially from Mahabharata.  

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About the Author:

Mae Gosaynie is a citizen of the United States born to parents of Middle Eastern descent. She possesses two Bachelor’s degrees: One in Biology and a second in English language and literature. She has a Master’s degree or M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis on Differentiated Instruction. She also has a certified professional license to teach grades 6-12 and teaches Advanced Placement Biology and Human Anatomy at a High School in her home state of Michigan. She is a published author of an article entitled, “Acknowledging the Creator Within”, published in Nature of Occurrences (Thought Notebook Journal) Thought Collection Publishing (TCP), Journal Issue 3 printed December 2, 2014.

Mae’s parents belonged to a religious sect that believed in reincarnation and the suffering of the soul, so these religious and spiritual concepts were ingrained in her upbringing early on. She chose to be born to this Middle Eastern family in the U.S. so that she could learn about discrimination and racial inequality.

Her education was disrupted multiple times as she was transferred from one school to another. However, all these disruptions had a purpose. They exposed her to different racial demographics as well as different religious beliefs. By the time she was an adult woman she had taken communion in a Catholic church, prayed on her knees to Allah in a Muslim mosque, chanted Wahe Guru in a Sikh temple, and also experienced the Unified Field of Consciousness through her many years of practicing Transcendental Meditation. She was initiated into the TM movement in the fall of 1994. She progressed to advanced Siddha status and Yogi flying in 2003.

Mae has three sons from a previous marriage. She lives in a humble home with her small dog and youngest son. She lives her life in an attempt to help and guide others. She spends her days writing poetry, reading, taking long nature walks, and reciting ‘Hare Krishna’.

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