Books in News – Unethical Achievers by Nitin Sisodia is a Tale of Two Unlikely Friends from the Disturbing China

Published by Leadstart, Unethical Achievers by Nitin Sisodia is a riveting thriller novel with a slight dose of politics. The novel features the story of two friends from different family and religious background. From the distance, the combination looks unlikely, but as you know friendship is not fettered by parameters.

The story is about Jian and Tomur from China. The backdrop of the novel is mostly staged against China and the USA. This is not aptly a contemporary novel but it brings us to the current China and what churned behind in the back years that made this country such an economical giant today. The novel tries to answer this through the voices of these two ambitious youth.

Jian speaks Mandarin, he hails from Han community that almost forms the majority in China. On the other hand, Tomur is a Uyghur Muslim – a minority in the country. The world knows about China’s camp and brutalities against the Uyghur Muslims. This novel provides an inside look as how things are faring up in China. The novel is formative with its storyline, we see that Jian belongs to a good family, his father runs a grocery store. He is a better off child. While Tomur is a poor Muslim, his father just a waiter in a hotel. However, both boys develop good bond and become friends. They are highly ambitious, with Tomur exceptional at some time.  

They become good friends despite knowing that Han community oppresses Muslim minorities in China. Later on, as the story chugs ahead, the competitiveness, the urge to lead the race, the impulse to mint money and some more things develop rifts between them. A time comes when both friends try to outwit one another in the battle of fierce competition, led by ego clashes. Will their friendship see some good days or are they doomed for factions? An astounding novel with great insights on Chinese culture and beliefs, the below excerpt clarifies many of the doubts what is churning in the domestic market of China.

 “The two noteworthy Muslim cultural factions in China are Uyghur and Hui. Both, the Uyghur and the Hui, have been imperiled by communal and racial chauvinism, segregation, and oppression, by the majority Han Chinese authorities. Since the Hui are fluent in Mandarin, they blend better with the Han, while the Islamic devotion of the Hui makes them hold well with the Uyghur too.

A large number of the Han consider the Uyghur as religious radicals. Throughout time, there have been considerable measures of strain, hatred, and racial bias between the Han and Uyghur. The Uyghur find it tough to be fluent in Mandarin which just adds to the Han’s opinion that they are uncultured people with ethical obliviousness.”

It is a remarkable novel with stunning research work done on China and its internal conflicts.

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About the Author:

Nitin Sisodia is a Bachelor of Electronics Engineering, currently residing in Thane. With over fifteen years of experience in Digital Technology, he has also studied and researched various e-commerce businesses over the years, and continues to do so. Simultaneously, he has also written for various websites and blogs. This is his first long-form venture.

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