Books in News: Twenty Somethings – For Love or Ambition by Sudham Ravinutala is a Prodigy with 90s Vibes

Twenty Somethings – For Love or Ambition by Sudham Ravinutala is an interesting novel with 90s charm in the backdrop. Published by Leadstart, this novel for sure evoke moments of nostalgia for 90s children and youth.

The story is of two engineering college students Rishi and Nitya. They both study in HIT College in Mandya, a place not so far from Bangalore. Those who grew up or studied in 90s knows the value of that time. Then, engineering and MBA colleges and IT were evolving. People were ambitious to do something out of conventional career paths.

In the story Rishi was a first year student, while Nitya was super senior, a fourth year student. She was way exceptional with her skills like motorcycle riding and participation in tech events and other curriculum events. The story is light but fast. The author has taken time to build the tempo at his speed and successfully painted the life inside an engineering college. Rishi was grappling with his career choices, much owing to his family background. He was at the cross winds always. While Nitya, on the other hand, was way ambitious and clear about her career plans. They part ways from the college, though being in love.

After some years they cross each other’s way due to some personal matters. From here, the novel takes a different route and approach. They aren’t that younger and juvenile as they were in the college time. With time things change but memories about old good days stuck. Their meeting revs up their old time. Will anything serious happen to them? Or they are doomed for another separation? Have they achieved what they desired when they were in college and parted ways? One must pick up this racy read.

The author shined with his narration. He deliberately kept the language so lucid that the novel catches up speed at its own. To many, this novel remind may remind of IIT Five Points of Chetan Bhagat, but it’s set in the early 90s when India was dreaming and striving ahead in all walks of life. Engineering students will find this novel relatable but others can also get it, it’s a delightful read.

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About the Author:

Sudhām is a poet, marketer, and storyteller. He did his schooling in Delhi before moving out in pursuit of an engineering degree to Tumkur, a town in Karnataka, and later on to Mumbai where he completed his Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration. He has been a part of the Indian corporate world for just over two decades now. In this duration, Sudhām has tried his hand at entrepreneurship and launched himself as an author with his work Eighteen – The End of Innocence in 2015. Now back into the corporate fold having had to beat retreat from entrepreneurship, he has steadfastly kept his writing dream alive.

A keen observer of people, culture, and customs, it is the nuance that piques Sudhām’s interest. Years spent living in different cities of India at varying stages in life make fertile ground for his stories that delve into the grey areas of emotions and choices. Twenty Somethings – For Love or Ambition is his second novel. Sudhām lives in Suraj Kund near Delhi with his wife Surekha and daughters Mithila and Antara. He is currently associated with Luminous Power Technologies as Associate Vice President—Marketing and is championing the adoption of Solar Energy.

Sudhām can be reached at and on leading social platforms with the handle @sudhaam. You can find more of Sudhām’s writing (poetry, musings, and blogs on marketing) at

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