Books in News – In Search of by Aditi Bathia is an Engaging Light Epistolary Novel on Contemporary Romance

In Search of by Aditi Bathia is a beautifully written contemporary romance novel that studies true love, marriage, and relationship under the same light. Published by Leadstart, this is one of the best light romance novels of the year. It has been narrated through a young woman’s point of view named Anya. She is the lead character but associated with Aarav and Yohan.

‘In Search of’ is an apt title with a relevant cover page. The lead Anya is caught in the dilemma of true love and marriage. Her search for a true love doesn’t come easily as one could think of. Though the novel is written in letter forms, it is a kind of an epistolary novel, and it binds the story perfectly and clearly.

At the façade of the story, you will meet Anya, Aarav, and Yohan. Anya was in love with Aarav. However, they parted eight years back when Aarav left for Canada due to some personal reasons. Anya felt lonely without him but manages to get married to Yohan – a highly successful person. Anya and Yohan were a good match in terms of career, intellectual, and aspirations. But as their married life chugs ahead, they find it devoid of love. Anya wants to be successful in her marriage too but one fine day Aarav comes back in her life in the form of a client.

The broken strings of lost love reconnect. As the novel moves ahead, Anya pours her heart out through letters to both. With Aarav she talks about love and old days, and with Yohan she is quite pragmatic about life choices on love and marriage.

The novel is a fast-paced light read. Reading some letters will make people curious to know the fate of Anya. Who she will chose – love or marriage? It becomes all the more interesting because of the letters. Letter reading isn’t a fascinating task in itself? Written in a very simple and lucid way, the author has touched upon many aspects of our modern-day relationship that we tend to ignore while keeping ourselves buried in corporate jobs.

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About the Author:

Aditi Bathia is an insights consultant by profession, currently employed with a leading management-consulting firm, who loves uncovering peoples’ said and unsaid intentions and emotions. A new mother and a dog parent, she is currently juggling parenthood with work, while trying to find time to pursue her passion – writing. Being an ardent traveller, Aditi picks up the essence of her stories from the several people and places she encounters when on the go. She loves to sketch strong characters in her stories, reflecting the underlying feminist within her. ‘In Search Of’ is her debut novel.

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