Books in News – Silent Fires by Poojitha G Prasad is a Meticulously Plotted and Compelling Crime Thriller

Film maker and novelist Poojitha G Prasad has recently come up with a riveting crime thriller novel ‘Silent Fires,’ published by Notion Press. The novel is so intricately placed and well delivered that it drives the plot till the last page.

Other than being a crime story, it also features two contrasting detectives. They both are brothers; Ashish is a police inspector, while Manav is just a crime documentary maker. The novel was well received by discerning crime readers; evidently reviews are increasing at all major platforms.  

At the façade of the story, Shravya Chandra, the wife of a celebrity film star Arun Chandra, goes missing. How and why – it is to be found out by the investigating officer Ashish. However, at the back is Manav, his brother, he is also chasing the case. So, more than the case, the story is about their ideologies and ego clashes while solving the same case. Despite that the novel never loses its sheen of a crime thriller. It has been built on profound back stories and sweeps to deliver a sizzling thriller. The novel features parallel investigation, and later they mingle with one another to a level of inextricable thrill. It’s such a good novel with apparently no loose ends.

Between both the brothers, there is a lot to catch. Arun and other characters are not what they look. Shravya’s life story will shock readers to the core when events of domestic violence surfaces to steer the plot in another direction. Behind every crime there is some motive, but this novel also unveils the sadistic approach that could lead one to oppress innocent people. Readers need to follow up with the novel till the very end before they predict anything. It is an extraordinary crime thriller with bewitching multi-layered plots and a long cast of characters.

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