Author Interview with Amitav Ganguly– Discussing his Latest Book ‘Ten X Murders for the Mind’

By profession, Amitav Ganguly is a corporate law specialist and penned many articles related to the same field. But he is also an emerging eminent short story in India, his last collection, ‘Twelve Paranormal Tales,’ shot into fame when one of the stories was adopted for a short film. ‘Ten X Murders for the Mind’ is the latest book on murder mysteries.

He spoke to News World Inc about murder mysteries, inspiration, and his favourite recent read.

NWI: How was writing a murder mystery book different from writing some other genre books such as romance, adventure, and so on?

AG: There is a distinct difference. Undoubtedly, in all types of fiction writings, the author’s imagination and creativity are paramount. Still, a murder mystery story has also to have strong rationality and convergence of facts and evidence and some understanding of criminal justice.

NWI: How did the idea for this book come to you? How did it evolve as you were writing?

AG: This book contains ten murder mysteries, so I had to conceive ten plots of different types, as diverse as possible. Some knowledge of facts from various sources, copious reading of famous crime authors worldwide, and pure imaginations have helped me. As I was writing, my background knowledge continuously spurred me on.

NWI: Why did you keep one constant cop in all the stories? Any specific reason?

AG: I am in favour of one central character whose crime-solving abilities and intelligence are critical in solving the crimes. He is Detective Inspector Samsher Brahma of Homicide Squad in my stories. He is the protagonist whose name and achievements the readers will remember and recall if they like my stories.

NWI: In your opinion, what makes a great Crime Thriller/ Murder Mystery? What are some of your favourites?

AG:  In my view, any crime story where justice happens has to have clear facts of the crime, investigation and discovery of evidence, which then are to be interpreted by the protagonist on examining motives, opportunities, and alibis in such a way to pinpoint the killer or the culprit.

NWI: How do you feel to see your book as an Amazon Bestseller since its release?

AG: I will be thrilled if my many months of creative efforts are loved by my readers.

NWI: What books or authors have been your greatest influence?

AG: Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot undoubtedly has been my source of inspiration. Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Byomkesh Bakshi by Sarodindu Bandyopadhyay in Bengali also had significant influence.

NWI: What’s the best thing you’ve read recently?

AG: Authors like Dan Brown, John Grisham and Jeffery Archer.

NWI: Do mixed reviews affect you?

AG: Like all authors, I love appreciation, and if there are criticisms, I will be happy if they are constructive so that I can improve my writings in future.  

NWI: What are you working on next?

AG: A novel and not short stories. Perhaps with a combined genre of crime & detection with a tinge of paranormal.

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