Books in News –Ranjit Kulkarni’s New Book Kaleidoscope is a Bundle of Short Stories with Various Themes of Life

Ranjit Kulkarni has come up with a new book, this time a collection of short stories, running up to 250 pages. He is famous for writing light-hearted books like ‘Give Me a Break’ and ‘The Good, The Bad and The Silly’, with funny characters like Swami and Jignesh Bhai.

All the stories in the book Kaleidoscope are of various light and dark themes running with a humorous narrative. The book offers 18 short yet good stories. Ranjit’s writing is lucid and evokes a sense of moral responsibility many a time. However, keeping aside the fun and satire factor, this time he has tried to mirror the society where we live. How our beliefs and rumors ossify is brilliantly captured in the book with stories like Novel, Coma, and An Apple a Day.

Some of the stories read like fantasy, one such is Dream Train – it takes its passengers where they need to go, instead of where they want to go. It indicates the cycle of Karma – how it evolves and takes one to its final destiny.

Ranjit has provided many hues/colours in one book, that’s why its title sounds so apt: Kaleidoscope. Indeed, a great title. Readers will react to this book with mixed feelings but it will be worth their time and investment. No short stories collection looks good without an irony element. Well, Ranjit has played with it. Each story defines it better than the next. Overall, an amazing book for today’s swaggering time.

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About the Author:

Ranjit Kulkarni is an Indian writer based in Bengaluru. Ranjit’s writing style, according to readers, blends the humorous with the spiritual, the mundane with the meaningful, and often revolves around philosophical musings peppered within tongue-in-cheek, slice-of-life anecdotes. For more details on Kulkarni and his latest writing, please visit –

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