Books in News – Krikos: The Vertical Horizon by Rishabh Dubey is Sci-fi Treat Set in the Far-away Universe

Science fictions set in the universe have their own charm; they aren’t real but sound equally surreal. Published by Leadstart, the novel of Rishabh Dubey, ‘Krikos: The Vertical Horizon’ is an engaging read because it is purely built on imagination. This novel seeks the basic aspiration of the human race: find the best.

The novel is based on human life that has settled on a celestial station called as Krikos. It is like a star and thrives on the light and energy it gains from stars. The earth has no existence. Due to shortage of everything, humans moved on to Krikos. However, their search to find the best habitable planet in the universe is still on. When the team, under the captaincy of Krawn, sets out to find a habitable planet, they are startled by the discovery. They found something as good and intelligent as humans. Will the hunt continue or there will be some ramifications?

The novel is set in some far-away universe and earth is remembered only in vestiges, the time is 4697 AD. While on the hunt, Krawn has many questions. The answers lie in the diary of Dr. Flex, the smart person who built Krikos thousands of years ago. In the novel run two stories parallel, well they are millennium years apart. What is the connection of these two stories? Is there some intersection or deep underlying themes awaiting discovery?

By all means, this is one extraordinary sci-fi novel. Regular readers of this genre will find it as a special treat. The author has given special attention to the demarcation of dates, making it a comfortable and clean read. Writing is lucid with a factor of awesome engagement. A brilliant novel to peep into our futuristic utopian society.

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About the Author:

Rishabh Dubey is a young author, philanthropist and media entertainer residing in the city of Mumbai, India. Being exposed to the articulate literary deft of his family since a very young age, especially to that of his father, Dr. T.P. Dubey ‘Manish’, the renowned and celebrated multi-linguistic author, Rishabh developed a persistent affinity and an incessant passion for writing. He wrote his first book (Krikos: The Vertical Horizon) at the budding age of 15, though he chose not to publish it till much later.

His first officially published book, entitled ‘The Mangoman’, is having a good run at the international readers’ market. Also, being an innate philosopher and an advocate of creativity, he also likes to indulge in interactive orations and various types of social-media entertainment. He is currently also pursuing the five-year technical-management course at NMIMS, Mumbai, so that the subsequent skills acquired might professionally aid his propaganda of providing the required support to all the creative minds in the country.

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