Books in News – The Lost Woman of Santacruz by Vijay Medtia is a Terrific Crime Thriller

Vijay Medtia is a terrific crime thriller author. His previous book ‘The Missing Husband’ was a great read, set in Mumbai of 1990s. It featured a simple and able detective Abhay Chauhan. If you are someone who loves to follow serial detectives like Dirk Pitt of Clive Cussler or Cormoran Strike of Robert Galbraith, and looking to have a pleasant and readable Indian detectives, your first choice should be Vijay Medtia novels.

His latest crime thriller ‘The Lost Woman of Santacruz’ is published by Leadstart. This novel features the police inspector Ajay Shaktawat. Like the previous novel, this too is set in 1990s of Mumbai. Vijay does not forget to sway hearts of his readers by portraying charming hustle-bustle of the city in the backdrop.

Unlike the title, the story kicks off with a murder of a retired DCP Chandra, living alone. Police inspector Ajay Shaktawat begins solving the case. On the crime scene one man is found injured who later succumbed to his injuries. Subsequently, there is nothing much that Ajay Shaktawat can look up to. However, as he grows restless and digs here and there, clues begin to unveil slowly. All things lead up to one woman but she is missing. Ajay Shaktawat has to find out as why someone will murder a silent, aloof, and retired police person. 

This novel exceeds its conventional boundary and we also get to see the personal life of the inspector Ajay Shaktawat. His wife has separated, his mother is dominating, and he is worried about two children. Not only him, in fact there are a few more characters whose personal traits and life has been taken into account to make this novel more captivating and driving. Amidst personal issues, the inspector also has to deliver the case. Will he be able to do? Read the novel to know how a woman could be linked to the death of DCP Chandra? Is it revenge or greed or something else? The novel is highly likeable and readable since the very first page. Mr. Vijay is a superb storyteller – his narration is easy to follow without any traces of boredom?

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About the Author:

Vijay Medtia is a short story writer and novelist. Arcadia Books, London, published his debut novel, ‘The House of Subadar.’ It was short-listed for the Glen Dimplex Literary prize for new writers in Dublin, 2008.

He has had several short stories appear in anthologies and has been published in Indian e-literary magazines. His short story, ‘English Babu’ was set as an exam question for secondary pupils in Denmark.

Crocus Books, UK, published his crime novel ‘The Missing Husband’ in 2019. He was invited to read at the Manchester Book Festival.

He is a British Indian writer living in the U.K. and makes regular trips to India for inspiration. He likes John Steinbeck’s quote, ‘The profession of book writing makes horse racing seem like a stolid, stable business.’

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