Books in News – The Beautiful Sky by Harshwardhan Explores the Healing Powers in Unconditional Love

Mumbai, (17 July 2021), The Beautiful Sky by Harshwardhan is published by Notion Press in both formats. Since its release the romance novel became an Amazon Bestseller. The author claims that this is the longest love story ever written. Well, it seems as the book runs up to 530 pages. 

It features the story of two young people Vian and Amyra. When the girl is gang raped a week before her marriage to someone, after the crises Vian extends a hand of help. His sole intention was to help in the healing. The way the author portrayed rape trauma is sad yet embarrassing.

Mainly, the story is about love and the sacrifice it demands. No love is pure until it is tested. It is an extraordinary love story where deep and mad love plays the main role. The book is likeable among readers for its light and local language, it’s a lengthy book but worth the time and effort. The book is written in an unconventional way, it uses abusive language when the lead guy Vian is with his friends or in angry mood. Secondly, there is a lot of Hindi Shayari in between, because Vian is also a Shayar along with a writer. If you ever want to feel being native or local in a book, you must pick it up.

The book has shades of psychology and philosophy, Vian is influenced by some romance novel and the book ‘The Secret’. But reality differs from the book. There is a lot of moral building, you need to devote time to see the originality in the book. Other than slangs and abusive languages in snatches, the book reads like a reality show of Big Boss or Roadies. 

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About the Author:

Harshwardhan M. Patil is a civil engineer turned novelist, completed his graduation from SPCE, Andheri.  He started his writing career as a novelist and a stand-up comedian. He did several shows in Mumbai and Pune. While learning the theatre for his first novel, he won the best stage playwriter award in 2016 Enatya Sanhita for his story ‘Phantom Mind’. He released his debut novel ‘The Indian Chaplin’ in 2017 on Amazon. Harshwardhan was nominated in Asia Pacific Screen Awards 2019 among the world’s top 15 screenwriters for his story ‘8 days with a militant’. He is mostly known for his experimentation and adopting new techniques of storytelling. He has been learning Shayari for a year for his novel ‘The Beautiful Sky’. His ideology is that a storyteller shouldn’t have any limitations and should be able to perform through any art form. Harshwardhan’s strength is his non-linear and multi-genre storylines.

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