Books in News – A Proof of Truth by Annapurna Saripalli is a Carefully Plotted and Compelling Crime Legal Thriller

Published by Leadstart, ‘A Proof of Truth’ by Annapurna Saripalli is a nail-biting crime thriller. The novel is such that it grips the readers from the very first page. Be its narration, pace, subplots – it does not forget to impress the discerning readers of this genre. Above all, the storyline is stunningly captivating. It features a long cast of characters that play their part with total conviction so brilliantly, that the story moves ahead inevitably.

The novel opens with Ajay Bhargav, working as a successful cybercrime and money-laundering specialist in Singapore. He is happy with his wife and two children. But due to some impromptu events, Ajay and his family moves back to India, in Mumbai. Ajay never liked his father for his unwanted regimentation. The father and son’s relationship builds tension in the novel. The way the author has described how Ajay was made to run away from his father is really interesting and yet funny. Well, in India as soon as Ajay meets his father – a case awaits his investigation. The novel has an air of litigation like John Grisham’s books but at its core it is a good crime thriller. Yes, litigation and legal procedure is a vital part of this novel and lingers in the backdrop like banter.

So, the case is of Kishore Mehta, a famous Bollywood actor. His son Vishal is accused of sexual assault and murder. Kishore Mehta and Trivikram Bhargay (father of Ajay) are good friends. Ajay has not handled a crime case for a long time but he has to do it now for his father. The girl named Nitya was sexually assaulted and murdered. All evidence goes against Vishal. They both were lovers in college. As Ajay and his team digs deeper they find the case more complicated than they could think of it. For Ajay everything is at stake. He has to prove that Vishal is innocent. If he fails he might not get another chance in litigation. And most importantly, he has to do this for father, who is not in good health. Will he be able to do it? Will he be able to absolve the Mehta family or something sinister is hidden under their glossy faces?

It is a superbly written crime cum legal thriller. The author builds the right amount of tempo and tension that readers feel hooked to their seat. Chugging ahead with measured pace, the novel is all set to surprise its readers when they expect it least. All in all, an amazing novel.

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About the Author:

A techie, who later studied to become a management professional, Annapurna has forever been in search of her true north. Books are her most treasured friends, and they transport her to far-off lands, away from the perils of fussy clients, grumpy bosses, cranky kids, and absconding family members.

Annapurna likes well-made TV shows and movies and is also a music aficionado with eclectic tastes—from South Indian classical music to progressive trance. One sees a reflection of her music choices in her writing. Do plug in your headphones while reading her books and listen to the songs to actually live the character.

A Proof of Truth is Annapurna’s first book, which she wrote during her career break, as she reflected upon the various aspects of human life—judgement, relationships, human conscience, familial bonds, spirituality, and most importantly, the indefatigable desire to win at everything.

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