Books in News – Tiger: The Official Movie Novelization by Saurav Dutt is as Terrific as the Film

The movie ‘Tiger’ directed by Mickey Rourke was released on 2018. It was based on a true life story of one American-Sikh man named Parminder Singh Nagra.

Recently, famous Indian author Saurav Dutt novelized the Tiger movie. Both versions are terrific and intense. The novelization is done with an unassuming pride while keeping the soul of the story unchanged. Those who have not got the chance to watch the movie can definitely pick up the book. Unarguably, it promises as much action and fun as the movie did.

Basically, the story is about young Parminder Singh Nagra, an angry young man with an excellent physique that can be utilized well if channeled properly in the boxing. So, he chooses to box after a failed stint in the soccer.

But the world outside the ring is rather rude and merciless. The American Boxing Commission (ABC) does not allow him to fight until he shaves his beard and outside people call his turban a rag. In a nutshell, Nagra has to fight against prejudice, racism, and all sorts of discrimination before getting into the ring.

It’s aptly mentioned in the book that some fight for glory and some for rights. Nagra changes the way people look at Sikh in the sports arena. Turban represents his faith tenet but ABC considers that a transgression.

It’s an interesting story to observe as how one man fights against the world that seems to have set its foundation on racism and prejudice. It is an inspiring story of a boxer who did not flinch or changed his faith to get the glory in sports. With a forward from Parminder Singh Nagra, the book with all its brilliance and intensity does not forget to impress its readers. Truly an inspiring story! Putting a movie into words is a mammoth task but it seems like that Saurav Dutt has done it seamlessly.

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About the Author:

Saurav Dutt is an author, political analyst and human rights campaigner. His fiction works have dealt with socio-political themes such as domestic abuse, gender equality, homophobia, and his books have cut across genres such as historical fiction and novelizations of major motion pictures. His acclaimed debut novel ‘The Butterfly Room’ was shortlisted by the Los Angeles Times Book Review as a notable book of the year.

His work for human rights and charity marketing campaign work has taken Dutt to talking engagements on the WEF, IKWRO, IWN, Homes of Parliament and TEDx. His work has been featured on BBC TV and radio, Sky Information and TIME journal. He resides in the UK and Kolkata.

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