Books in News – Mortal Crises by Dr. Diwakar Bansal is a Well-layered Medical Thriller

A medical thriller by the doctor author adds up that extra creepy suspense that otherwise goes missing if written by an outsider. A medical crime thriller is a way ahead and uncanny than the normal crime detective novels. There are doctors, ward boys, nurses, pediatricians – in fact a whole new cast of characters at the medical procedures and practices. A medical mystery or thriller is a narrow genre; it’s pioneered by Robin Cook. Well, today, we have a book that unfolds its scope beyond Emergency Room (ER) and Operation Theatre (OT). Published by Leadstart, Mortal Crises by Dr. Diwakar Bansal is ornate with words and tight with storyline.

The story features Sunrise Hospital and Government Medical College in Jodhpur. It is a major mother and child hospital, patients pour in here from all parts of Rajasthan, including border areas.

As one gets under the skin of the novel, it doesn’t take much time to identify that Rajeev is the lead character. He is resident in the hospital, first-year student. He is responsible but equally overworked and less appreciated by his seniors. Initially, the author has portrayed the busy life in hospital…their routine, work pressure, residents, nurses, wards, OPDs and all – the hospital ambience buzz up with detailed description. Rajeev soon meets another important character Nandita, working day and night at labour rooms and attending caesarean calls.

The hospital is overcrowded with women patients and the staff is overworked. As a result, pregnant women die more in numbers than expected. It is shocking! There has to be investigation and proper clinical justification. But who will solve that? Is it natural or the hospital is responsible for this unaccounted crime. As the duo of Rajeev and Nandita begin their extra work of uncovering the bad deeds that are causing the deaths, they are shocked by the brutal secrets and much more. The novel is fast paced and after the cases are being chased, it becomes unputdownable. With so much medical insights, the book proves to be a different type of crime thriller. Overall, an interesting novel to pick up anytime.

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About the Author:

Dr Diwakar Bansal is a practising surgeon at Shri Ram Group of hospitals, presently working in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. This is his second novel. He likes to write about the medical profession. He is presently national faculty as an advanced surgeon at many surgical conferences. Besides surgery, his passion includes reading fiction novels, listening to music, and writing of course. His wife, Dr Chetna Agarwal, is also a practising Gynaecologist. They are proud parents to two boys – Arnav and Apoorv who are studying.

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