Books in News – The Lost Girl by Santosh Sharma is an Engaging Light Romance Novel

The Lost Girl by Santosh Sharma is a beautifully written soft romance novel set in the magical era of 1980s and 90s when feelings and friendship used to be genuine and high spirited.

This novel at large studies the love of youth, separation, and then a short reunion. The novel has been narrated from the protagonist’s point of view. He is on a quest about someone who got lost all of sudden one day 25 years back.

The title is apt with a beautiful cover page. The main character Vineeth was in love with Rashmi during his youth i.e. at the time of college pass out. However, as fate turns the wind otherwise, Rashmi and her family disappear giving no clue to Vineeth or others. Since then Vineeth has that an urge to find about his missing girl.

So, he resumes his search after 25 years when he takes retirement from his job and returns to his hometown. He reconnects with his old friends, a lot has been changed, but he is determined to find the whereabouts of Rashmi. As the novel progresses ahead, you will find Vineeth upending his world to get a glimpse of his love. Vineeth is caught in the dilemma of true love and career aspirations.

His search for the lost love doesn’t come easily as one could think of. Though the novel is written using ‘now’ and ‘flashback’ technique, yet it binds the story perfectly and clearly.

At the later stage, broken strings of lost love are reconnected. The love depicted in the novel is not blind, the story deals with everything in a pragmatic way. The novel is fast-paced and light read. The author has good flair for writing. He has kept the story credible yet soothing. Overall, a lovely read for any given day.

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About the Author:

Santosh Kumar Sharma is an ex-banker, a poet, a writer and an avid reader. He was born in Rajasthan. He grew up in the beautiful tea gardens of Dibrugarh. With ample experience of work in different parts of India, he has good knowledge about cultures and people and much more.

With a flair for writing since school days, sharing engrossing stories he has encountered in his journey of life with the world has always been a top of the bucket list. The Lost Girl is his maiden novel, currently he is working on his second novel.

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