Books in News – Conversations between the Little Girl and the Panda by Akriti Bhartia Connects Inquisitiveness with Creativity

 ‘Conversations between the Little Girl and the Panda’ by Akriti Bhartia is a way unique pictorial self-help book that explores the inquisitiveness side of our mind. The author is of the opinion that art is a powerful expression, it speaks louder than words, so the idea of the book is to provide answers through artwork/illustrations to the questions that our mind seeks till we live.

The book is highly creative. One glance at the illustration and inevitably a story forms within our mind. The author has leveraged the power of innocence and complacence by using characters like the little girl and the panda. The book offers 52 beautiful conversations and one-liners through these two characters.

The little girl represents the inner voice of our mind and the panda is our body. The soul of the book suggests that the core theme of the book is to shed light on inner self through creativity. The pictures in the book are so beautifully done that they conclude a story invariably.

The book highlights importance of self-love, success, forgiveness, self-esteem and much more in a lucid way. Picking up this book is a right idea to inculcate moral values to children. But this doesn’t mean the book is only for children, rather it is for all. It shows the way of life through pictures.

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About the Author:

Akriti Bhartia is a perpetually curious and a creative mompreneur. Her vision is to become a global storyteller through art. Having a Bachelors of Fine Arts from College of Arts Delhi, she loves painting and designing clothes. She enjoys good music and is a certified theta healing practitioner. She believes in upgrading skills constantly.

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