Books in News – OW1: Believe by Geoff Hall is a Terrific Supernatural Political Horror

OW1: Believe by Geoff Hall is the first book in the trilogy of World of Owl. The novel is truly a page-turner and right since the first page the elements of suspense are maintained. The story is back dropped against an authoritarian state in Bristol of the U.K. In the state, people are living under their respective projects with full facilities. They are classified as per their intelligence, education, caliber, family history and much more. They are provided with everything, except freedom to speech and movement. In a nutshell, they live in an extremely regimented environment.

The state is something that looks cool and efficient with the needs of its citizen, however, a close look reveals its demonic powers. With church and corporatism as its stronghold, only people with special powers can gauge the perils of the state machine. Ow1: believe captures the lives of some teenage friends living under the aegis of the state. Prominent characters are Strix and Calvin and Falco and a few more.

Anything that is detrimental for the state is removed. Strix is a writer and Calvin is an artist. According to their capacity, they are placed in the city library for work. But soon they discover more like-minded people that long for freedom as much as they. With artists and coders, the get into the loose ends of the state machinery. One of their powerful tools is 3DCC. They get the power of Vision State. They are now able to migrate virtually and find more about the demonic powers of state and vampire priests. It’s dangerous and clandestine. Will the group succeed in finding a way for freedom or something sinister is on the way for them?

The novel is easy to read but slightly difficult to follow and keep track of events because it’s a part of the trilogy and the author did not want to spoon feed readers with everything right at the beginning. Despite all, the novel is worth reading and it will be fun if you follow the series and read the books one by one.

The book is available worldwide on Amazon Kindle.

About the Author:

Geoff Hall is drawn to write dystopian stories.

Despite this, his stories are hope-filled. Across his work are common themes, not only of resistance and the ‘quiet’ revolution, but also non-violence and the possibility of change.

Born in the late fifties in the North-East of England, he draws from his traditional working-class background, life experiences and rebellion (both religious and political) to invite the disenchanted, the disenfranchised and the jaded on to a journey of hope with him.

Geoff is also an activist, arts mentor, ex ‘sparky’ and filmmaker (“My Name is Sorrow” & “Mehr Zavot Skorb”), and also the writer of the book series ‘Spiritual Direction in a Postmodern Landscape’.

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